Aladdin Lighting Technologies introduces T8 LED fluorescent replacement lamps

Jan. 12, 2010
Date Announced: 12 Jan 2010 Aladdin introduces 4-foot, T8 LED replacement lamps with certified performance exceeding 100 lu/WAladdin has launched their initial family of 4-foot, T8 LED replacement lamps. In December, 2009, Aladdin's lamps received ETL certification and LM-79 testing results. Their family of T8 LED replacement lamps includes clear and frosted tubes in 4200K and 5500K color temperatures. Topping the performance list is the 5500K, clear, T8 lamp that delivers 1300 lumens at 12.9 watts delivering 101 lu/W."There are over 1.5 billion fluorescent sockets in North America consuming 32-44 watts of energy. Now there is a viable T8 LED replacement lamp using only 12.9 watts," said George Murphy, Aladdin's CEO.Aladdin's 4-foot, T8 LED lamps are ETL certified and meet UL 1993, UL Subject 8750 and UL 1598B standards. As a result, Aladdin's 4-foot, LED lamps are the first and only lights to obtain a UL 1598B retrofit kit certification through ETL for fluorescent tube replacement. For additional technical and specification data, go to

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