Teijin Chemicals unveils thinnest-ever transparent, flame-retardant polycarbonate resin

Jan. 28, 2010
Date Announced: 28 Jan 2010 Teijin Chemicals Limited, the core company of the Teijin Group’s plastics business, has developed a transparent, flame retardant polycarbonate (PC) resin measuring just 1.5mm, making this the thinnest resin of its kind.The ultra-thin PC resin is both bromine-free and phosphorous-free, making it environmentally friendly, and its flame resistance level is equivalent to UL94V-0. Despite being so thin, the new resin has all of the inherent characteristics of other PC resins, including transparency, moldability, dimensional stability and electrical properties. Teijin Chemicals will supply two grades, one for injection molding and the other for extrusion molding. The former can serve as a substitute for glass components in LED lighting fixtures, etc., while the latter is expected to find uses in sheets mainly for LED lighting covers.Flame-retardant PC resins are widely used in electrical and electronic products and office equipments. The demand for thinner grades has risen in line with the development of increasingly smaller and thinner products in a variety of fields. Teijin Chemicals also produces high-quality UL94 V-0 PC resins with thicknesses starting at 2.0mm, but its new resin is expected to satisfy more exacting needs for thinner grades.By introducing the ultra-thin grade in the Panlite® PC lineup, Teijin Chemicals plans to expand its polycarbonate markets in the electrical and electronics fields, particularly for LEDs and other lighting applications.

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