Gosoled introduces LED driver COREdriver series

Jan. 18, 2010
Date Announced: 18 Jan 2010 LED depend on luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, security, reliability, is conducive to environmental protection and other features make the LED used to obtain blow-style development in 2008. In the LED spring of development, LED drive power is LED industry chain guarantee of development, LED power quality directly restricts the reliability of LED products, Therefore, the LED industry chain more and more improvement in China, LED driver power maturity is also crucial.Because of the LED is a feature-sensitive semiconductor devices, and has a negative temperature characteristic. therefore, In the application process and need to be a stable working conditions and protection, causing a drive concept, LED device to the drive requirements is almost oppressive, LED, unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, can be directly connected to the exchange of 220V electricity, LED is a 2-3 volt low-voltage drive, it is must design a complex change circuits, different uses LED lights, and the LED lamps of different usage. LED driver voltage has high-requirement in matching. drive quality is the key to LED longevity and efficient guarantee.LED drive currently facing main challenges include:A. Drive circuit a whole life, in particular, linchpin components such as capacitors at high temperature directly affects the power of life;B. LED drive should be challenging more higher conversion efficiency, especially when driving high-power LED is especially true, because all is not as light output power is dissipated as heat, power conversion efficiency is too low, thus affecting the effectiveness of LED energy-saving play .C. High efficiency to the LED dimming, at the same time, it is able to guarantee high and low brightness of the color characteristics of a constant.D. Reduce costs, at present, the smaller of power(1-10W) applications, the constant-current drive power the proportion of the cost of close to one-third that the cost is close to a illuminant, to a certain extent affected promote the marketing.With the development of LED industry, governments increasingly focus on the LED industry to increase, but also to the LED driver power current output aspects of the technical requirements and put forward challenges, In order to extend the life of LED lighting, common integrated circuit power, therefore, we had designed to supply constant current source circuit way, large current drive, it is necessary with high-power tube or silicon devices, plus a protection circuit,so leading to LED power supply circuit is very complex, increase the failure rate, Component costs, production costs, service costs will be higher. At present, the high cost of LED, plus the cost of power, which greatly limits the competitiveness of LED products in the market and popular with the buying groups.Gosoled Lighting (www.gosoled.com) introduced a real-time COREdiver (1-35W) series of power, for you deal with worry problems, and to the efficiency of LED drive power conversion, effective power, constant current accuracy, power life, Electromagnetic Compatibility of a new comprehensive index to enhance the height, With outstanding value for money and stability, and provides dimming and non-dimming and two kinds of solutions, these are the use of consumers and matching provides a good convenience. From now on, we think you have to make a new attempt, because the drive power's role in the whole lamp is like the human heart just as important.OUR POPULAR PRODUCTS INCLUDE: 1) LED Lamps: LED tube, LED Plug-in Lamp, LED Dimmable Lamp, LED Spot Light, LED down light, LED light bulb, LED flame Lamp, LED Shading lamp, LED Candle Lamp, LED Par Lamp2) LED Driver: Indoor LED Driver, Outdoor LED Driver, LED Dimming Driver, LED tube DriverFor more information about Gosoled Lighting’s products visit www.gosoled.com

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