NanoMarkets projects ramping OLEDs material market driven by lighting

Jan. 11, 2010
Date Announced: 11 Jan 2010 Fueled by a rapidly developing OLED lighting market and many new applications for OLED displays beyond cell phone sub-displays and MP3 players, there will be an explosion in demand for OLED materials of all kinds says a new report from NanoMarkets, an industry analysis firm based here. According to NanoMarkets' new report on the OLED materials market, this market will grow from around $420 million in 2010 to $2.9 billion in 2015. Additional details of the report are available at points:•According to NanoMarkets' new report, OLED lighting is expected to consume approximately 70 percent of OLED materials by 2015. OLED lighting has fewer materials challenges than equivalent sized displays and a major factor in why this part of the market is taking off.•On the substrate front flexibility is what the industry is striving for in order to realize the benefits offered by roll-to-roll processing of OLEDs. However, such substrates are currently challenged by insufficient barrier characteristics and by high costs so rigid glass substrates, which offer the best combination of performance, costs and manufacturability will be the de facto option at least through 2012.•NanoMarkets sees a significant consolidation of control of important intellectual property (IP) in the OLED materials space with UDC, Summation, and LG holding pivotal positions in the OLED materials IP mesh. Access to established IP is an increasingly important factor for success, especially for materials used in the organic layers of OLEDs. About the report: NanoMarkets' new report, "Markets for OLED Materials: 2010-2017" provides a complete analysis of the commercial opportunities for materials used in OLED lighting and displays. The coverage comprises materials used in all the layers of an OLED including the electrodes, encapsulation and substrate layers, as well as the organic layers (EML, ETL, HTL/EBL and HIL.) The report also discusses in detail the materials applications for a wide variety of OLED applications including cell phones and other handhelds, TVs and other video equipment, general and architectural illumination, backlighting, etc.This report includes detailed eight-year forecasts OLED materials broken out by materials type, as well as reviews of the latest research and the strategies of firms and major research institutes active in the sector. In addition, the report profiles the activities of the following firms: 3M, Add-Vision, Agfa, BASF, Corning, DuPont, DuPont Teijin Films, Kodak, GE, H.C. Starck, Hodogaya Chemical, Idemitsu Kosan, Konica Minolta, LG Chemical, Lumiotec, Merck/EMD, MODISTECH, Nippon Steel Chemical, Nissan Chemical, Novaled, OSRAM, Philips Lighting, PPG Industries, Samsung Mobile Display, Sumitomo, UDC and Vitex. About NanoMarkets:NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in energy and electronics markets created by developments in advanced materials. The firm has published numerous reports related to organic, thin film and printable electronics materials and applications. Visit for a full listing of NanoMarkets' reports and other services.


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