LEDKE develops energy saving LED fluorescent tube

Jan. 26, 2010
Date Announced: 26 Jan 2010 Along with the continuous energy consumption, it increase the scarcity of resources, and the greenhouse effect is also increasing significantly harm to humans, the pollution on the earth are getting more and more serious, so international demands more on energy saving, today's energy conservation is one of the most important task for every country. Recently, LEDKE Technology Co., Ltd (www.ledke.com) launched a home use LED fluorescent tube with aluminum housing. It's have many features:1. No Noise.LED lamp does not produce noise, it's a good choice for the occasion use of sophisticated electronic equipment, also suitable for libraries, offices, and the similiar occasions.2. Eyes protection.The traditional fluorescent lamp using AC, it will produce strobe 100-120 times per second. LED fluorescent tube work on constant current, it's by converting the AC power directly to DC, this effectively reduce the LED light attenuation, start quickly, no flicker, protect the eyes.3. No mosquito trouble.LED fluorescent light does not produce UV light and infrared light, do not contain mercury and other harmful substances. It's not like the traditional lamps with many mosquitoes around the light source. Interior will become even more clean and healthy.4. Energy-saving and long lifespan.The power consumption of LED fluorescent light is less than the one-third of the traditional fluorescent lamp, but lifespan is 10 times of the traditional one. When with same brightness, the normal life of LED is 50,000 hours or more, can save 55% energy and work long-term without replacement, reduce labor costs. More suited to the occasion which is difficult to achieve.

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