LED plant grow light launched by LEDKE

Jan. 4, 2010
Date Announced: 04 Jan 2010 Light is an essential energy source for plant growth, LEDKE Technology Co., Ltd recently introduced a substitute for the sunlight -- the LED plant grow lights (LK-UGL-90W). This lamps can customize light for different plants in different growth stages. We have researched a series of parameters, this parameters can be changed in different plant grow application.LED grow lights can provide different light suitable for different vegetables. There are many ways to improve crop production, one is biotechnology, such as the hybrid rice; the other is the chemical methods, such as fertilizers, pesticides and hormones and so on. And the method we are exploring is a physical way, it's by controlling the light to promote plant growth, aim at reduce over-reliance for modern agriculture on chemical technology gradually.Light is a magic power, it play a regulatory role in plant photosynthesis, growth, morphogenesis and metabolism. At present, it's generally use fluorescent lighting, high pressure sodium lamp, and incandescent lamp in a greenhouse to make up the lack of sunlight, but the spectral distribution of these light sources is based on the needs of the human eyes, while the spectrum needed for plant growth is different from the needs of human eyes. But the LED with rich wavelength types, and easy for control, suitable for plant growth lighting.For example, the need of light is different in the process of nurturing radish and cabbage, we can configure different LED lights in accordance with their respective preferences. When cultivate sprouts, the leaf size, content of chlorophyll, carotene and vitamin, can be realized through the illumination adjustment.Features:1) 90 X 1w led grow light produce great effect as 400W to 600W HID grow light save 75%--85% on electricity.2) Lifetime reaches 50,000 hours.3) UFO LED plant grow lights use only the exact spectrums (R&B) required for plant photosynthesis.(show you what wavelength range is the best for plant growth).4) Built-in cooling system (thermostatically controlled fans ) solve the heat dissipation excellently.5) Built-in power supply, CE approved, No setup required, just simpler and safer plugs directly into AC120V/220V, no reflector & ballast needed.(show you detail use pictures).6) The low heat emission eliminates the need for ducting & heat exhaust fans.7) Environment-friendly: Dont contain the harmful substance HPS & MH have, much less hazardous waste to deal with.8) Each light covers at least 1-4 square meters (0.3m-0.6m high away from plant), 120 degree beam angle make its lighting area reach 40-80 square meters (2m-3m high away from plant).9) Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with any indoor garden, whether hydroponics or soil based.

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