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Jan. 4, 2010
Date Announced: 04 Jan 2010 Tucheng, Taipei –– 28, Dec., 2009 –– Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd. (TSE:2393) Combining High Luminosity and High Luminaire Efficiency, Everlight’s SL-Dolphin Street Light Series Wins「iF design award china 2009」、「EDN China Innovation Award 2009」and 「Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Product Awards 2009」 this year. Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd (TSE:2393) recently introduced the SL-Dolphin Street Light series, following two years of research and development. The product series offers a very wide range of characteristics making it best in class, and adds to the growing portfolio of lighting modules from Everlight. This year, the SL-Dolphin Street Light series was distinguished by the「iF Design Award China 2009」、「EDN China Innovation Award 2009 (Lighting Module)」and the 12th「Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Product Awards 2009」from PIDA (Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association Taiwan). The iF design award is the best award for product design in the world, EDN is a famous distributor of Chinese and worldwide technology sector media and PIDA is the largest association in Taiwan’s photonic industry. This well publicized and honorable recognition provides encouragement for R&D, Sales, and Everlight as a whole. Everlight Electronics will continually pursue excellence and keep focusing on research and develop in order to give our customers the best products. The SL-Dolphin Street Light series can be offered with 60W, 90W, 120W and 150W LED light engine and is capable of providing very high luminaire light output up to 13000lm. In addition, the series has been tested by authorities and graded as the most efficient street lights. With short-term, projected efficiencies reaching up to 85 lm/W and energy savings of more than 40%, SL-Dolphin Street Lights provide improved brightness and higher uniformity while installed on 8m poles, compared to traditional street lights installed on 12m poles. The SL-Dolphin Street Light Series Offers Three Different Kinds Of Light Patterns To Satisfy Different Roads’ ConditionsMoreover, Everlight offers three different kinds of light engines – Phoenix, Trex , and Venus - applicable for road widths ranging from 6m to 12m. Everlight is the first in the industry to provide street lights with such a broad selection of light patterns. Besides road lighting, Everlight’s SL-Dolphin Street Light series is also well suited for use in main streets,building lights, amusement parks, and parking lots. Compared with conventional street lights, the SL-Dolphin Series offers the following very important features and benefits:- High brightness lighting module (maximum luminaire light output up to 13000 lm (150W LED light engine) - Optimized heat management system and artistic “Dolphin” design integrated as one piece.- Excellent CRI- No UV or IR light radiation-Special light patterns that suit various road surface conditions - 100V~240V AC input for worldwide operation; 277V AC also available - High power factor (>0.95 @110VAC) and high power efficiency provide considerable energy savings compared to traditional street lights - Water resistance (IP 67) for the whole luminaries- Long operation LED life time with improve system reliability- Wide operation temperature range (-20oC to +50oC) suitable for all ambient conditions- UL listed, CE and ENEC Certifications in progress- Pb-free and RoHS-compliant devices meets green initiatives- Easy installation and easily upgradeable to higher performance light enginesThese combined features provided by Everlight’s world class SL-Dolphin street lights allow streets, parking lots, and other outdoor areas to look brighter and more aesthetically pleasing while saving energy. The SL-Dolphin street lights combine the widest and best light pattern, circuitry, heat dissipation and exterior shape providing for a wider margin of safety and lower energy consumption.In addition to the SL-Dolphin street lighting series, Everlight also offers SL-Sylph street light in lower wattages for pedestrian streets and residential area lighting, and SL-Caveled also in lower wattages that could be used in tunnels, factories, or as flood lighting.Reference:2009 iF China Product Design:http://www.ifdesign.de/beitragsdetails_e.html?offset=0&sprache=1&award_id=182&beitrag_id=524252009 EDN China Innovation Award: http://award.ednchina.com/Product/Product_Detail.aspx?ProductId=7082009 Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Product Awards 2009:http://www.optotaiwan.com/img/award/2009/EVERLIGHT.jpgAbout Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd.Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd is a fast-growing global manufacturer of LEDs, displays, infrared and optocoupler components serving various applications in the lighting, consumer, computing, automotive, telecommunication and industrial market segments. Everlight’s annual growth over the past ten years is the combined result of its well-engineered products, highly efficient in-house manufacturing facilities and extensive global supply chain. Founded in 1983, Everlight today is a $300 million company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with over 4,000 employees and operations in China, Asia, North America and Europe.

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