Traxon Technologies and e:cue lighting control Showcase their Latest LED Solutions

Jan. 15, 2010
Date Announced: 15 Jan 2010 Traxon Technologies and e:cue lighting control Showcase their Latest LED Solutions In an event bringing together Chicago Lighting Designers, Architects, and LED Systems CHICAGO, Illinois -– Last night at HUB 51 in downtown Chicago, Traxon Technologies and e:cue lighting control, with Archibald & Meek, presented the Chicago architecture and lighting design communities with the latest solutions in LED technology at their “Light the Lakeshore” event.The evening event featured guest speaker Brian Stacy, IALD, LEED AP, Lighting Leader – Americas Region at ARUP Lighting, who recently led and project-directed the gridshell and exterior lighting systems for Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi, a significant architectural achievement and, to date, the biggest LED project in the world. In addition, Stacy’s lighting design credits include the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, The Morgan Library in New York, and other notable projects. Stacy shared his experiences using LED technology in his designs, and discussed the benefits and possibilities of incorporating LEDs into lighting designs for architecture and media.According to Stacy, “In the wide berth of project typologies with which we are involved, from museums and hospitality interiors, to all ranges of exterior projects such as the Yas Hotel gridshell, a growing use in LEDs has allowed me to utilize this fascinating light source, and all variants of control. Almost every application these days, from standard interior wall and scrim lighting, to full blown artistically-driven media experiences, is a candidate for me to consider the possible use of LEDs.”Tony Carrella, President of Traxon Technologies, commented, “The trend in LEDs is a shift from the peripheral accent and entertainment lighting towards mainstream task and general area illumination. As a global leader in LED fixture and control, finding the balance between a strong RGB and media product offering, and a high-grade white catalogue, continues to be our focus for the future. The flexibility and ever-progressing technology behind LEDs continue to influence the possibilities of even basic lighting installations. Traxon offers a full complement of fixtures, controls, and project management. We understand the range of possibilities, and are working to provide the tools and experience to address the mercurial needs of today and tomorrow’s lighting industry.”About Traxon/e:cueTraxon Technologies, an OSRAM company, is a global leader in LED lighting systems with major offices and certified integration specialists around the world. Combining state-of-the-art technology with award winning designs, Traxon develops innovative, sustainable lighting devices, providing the highest quality products for every demand. Traxon offers scalable LED applications in RGB and white, fully integrated control solutions and applies all benefits of LEDs as a highly efficient, long lasting and environmental friendly light source. With its expertise in both small applications controlled by easy-to-handle user interfaces as well as huge and powerful server controlled installations, Traxon ensures that even the most challenging concepts are easily put into practice. e:cue lighting control develops state of the art control and automation solutions to deliver sustainable dynamic lighting experiences. e:cue is an industry leader in innovation with its software and hardware portfolio to provide the right lighting control solution together with lighting professionals and partners around the world. e:cue, as part of “Traxon Technologies – An OSRAM Company”, is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany with regional offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Middle East. Distribution and support is also managed through e:cue’s extensive partner network around the world. Incorporating company values of innovation, flexibility and simplicity, e:cue provides reliable solutions for any dynamic lighting project.For more information visit and

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