AMA 1.6W LED virtual filament bulb series: exclusive 360° optical design

Jan. 5, 2010
Date Announced: 05 Jan 2010 AMA Precision Inc. launched 5 colors 1.6W LED light bulb series. Particular optical design creates omni-directional light emission for excellent visual effect. A significant breakthrough in LED light emission which enables the light emits from center to all around the light bulb fixture. In addition, variable color choices (cool white, warm white, red, green, & blue) satisfy wide range lighting application. Easy replacement and longer lifespan of LED light bulb bring you up to 84% energy saving and 142 tons CO2 reduction benefits which significant lower your maintenance cost.About AMA Precision Inc.AMA Precision Inc. integrates expertise of thermology, optics, industry design, mechanism, and electrical & electronics engineering, into innovation of LED Lighting. Because of the professional R&D ability and excellent product quality, AMA already became a worldwide well known LED Lighting manufacturer. In order to fulfill specific market needs and expectation, AMA offers a wide range of reliable LED lighting products for our clients. We have committed to provide superior service & reliable product from design to manufacture to satisfy customers' needs. If you’d like to explore what else we’re doing to create LED lighting solution for all our customers, visit our website:

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