Elma Electronics adds 5- and 10-mm LED light tubes

Jan. 17, 2010
Date Announced: 17 Jan 2010 Elma Electronic, a leading designer and manufacturer of rotary components and LEDs, has expanded its M-tube line of LED light tubes with new 5mm and 10mm diameter options. The Elma light tubes’ modular design allows wide range of lengths and shapes. Lengths of up to 2m are available providing a wide sphere of lighting options for electronics, architecture, edge illumination, danger indication/alarm system, indirect illumination, and bright signal sources. Other standards diameters for the M-tubes include 6mm and 8mm. The light housings come in double-ended or optional single-ended configurations that offer a bright, precise, and uniform color arrangement. The end-caps can be swapped with different colors offering more choices and various color blends. The M-tube LED light system is designed for the most diverse applications –any medical, industrial, defense, communications, architectural, or other application where efficient lighting is needed in various configurations. The light guides are rugged with a strong hard-plastic light bar tube that stays cool even when brightly lit. They are also highly reliable in adverse conditions and provide resistance to the effects of shock and vibration. A wide range of colors of the Elma light tubes are available, including Duo LED and RGB variant types. Flexible color imprinting allows various widths and patterns so that the light can be beamed as a narrow spotlight or spread wide for large-area lighting. The M-tubes’ multicolor light design, low current, and a long service life can not be matched with conventional lights. The M-tubes are priced from $5 to $10/ea, depending on volume, length, and configuration. For more information on Elma’s LEDs, switches, knobs, and custom design services, please contact Mark Thorsell at 510-656-5829 x228.About Elma ElectronicElma Electronic Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of enclosures, backplanes, cabinets, cases, and "ready-to-run" packaging for CPCI, Rugged COTS, VME/64x, VXI, PC and custom bus structures. Elma's component product line offers a wide selection of top quality switches knobs and LED arrays. The company has been a worldwide supplier of dependable, high performance products for over 35 years. Elma operates three facilities in the continental United States plus has locations in Switzerland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Israel.



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