Abacus introduces next generation in LED lighting technology

Jan. 19, 2010
Date Announced: 19 Jan 2010 Abacus Lighting is putting the finishing touches to its new range of high performance, security LED Quartz® bollards which is set to revolutionise the street scene with its unique clear Louvre optics.In recent years LEDs have advanced significantly to become one of the most efficient, attractive and versatile forms of lighting around. Abacus’ LED Quartz® bollards are set to deliver crisp white light through clear moulded louvres, producing high performance lighting at each louvre edge giving functional, low glare illumination.LEDs use far less electricity than most other light sources whilst producing a better quality of white light. Kelvin Austin, Abacus’ Principal Lighting Engineer, said: “A traditional louvred bollard will emit typically 28% of the light it produces but our new Quartz® bollard emits a superior 90%. We are proud to say that this makes it one of the most energy-efficient amenity lighting systems of its kind.”The AL9000 bollard’s patented clear louvred optics give instantaneous, bright white light in a variety of energy efficient beam patterns. In addition to a symmetrical beam, an axial beam is offered to provide forward and sideways throw for path lighting. A third asymmetric beam focuses all the LEDs forwards, providing excellent illumination of areas ahead of the bollard eg car parking spaces.Tough and robust, the anti-vandal bollard (IP65) has been designed to operate in almost any outdoor environment. The LED Quartz® Optics last for over 50,000 hours use - four times longer than conventional HID lamps, significantly reducing maintenance and replacement costs. The LED technology also gives big energy savings, using 60% less wattage than conventional bollards, meaning lower energy bills. Because LEDs contain no UV, they are an ideal safe solution for pedestrian areas. The bollards can also support branding by incorporating illuminated logos, advertising or directional signage. Abacus has enjoyed incredible growth and earned an exceptional reputation for its products and its people. Constantly innovating, exploring and experimenting, its commitment to pioneering products, in-depth research and environmental responsibility has made the company the genuine success story it is today.The Quartz® bollard is just one of a number of new amenity and architectural lighting products Abacus is introducing in the coming months. The company’s new exterior lighting brochure contains information about the new ranges including the Oris and Artemis - contemporary lanterns that are suitable to a wide range of urban environments. Kelvin concluded: “We are very excited about the future of LED and the Quartz® Bollards are just the first in a range of products we are developing here at Abacus, including a colour-effect LED Quartz Bollard.”To receive a free copy of the new brochure, call the Abacus team now on 01623 518 333.

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