Cooper Lighting introduces 18W track luminaires

Jan. 12, 2010
Date Announced: 12 Jan 2010 Cooper Lighting, a division of Cooper Industries plc (NYSE: CBE), has added new LED track lighting luminaires to the Halo Stasis series offering energy-efficient lighting solutions for retail, hospitality, commercial and high-end residential applications. Available in two sizes (Small and Medium), three optical distributions (Spot, Narrow Flood and Flood) and two color temperatures (3000 K and 4000 K), the LED fixtures contain no mercury content and produce no harmful UV light. The Halo Stasis LED luminaires provide excellent color quality (85 CRI) and mirror the size of the PAR20 and PAR30 fixtures. The PAR20-sized fixture (Small) with three LEDs consumes only 8 watts, with an equivalent intensity of a 50W PAR halogen lamp. The PAR30-sized fixture (Medium) with seven LEDs consumes 18 watts, providing the intensity of the 120W PAR halogen or 39W T4 CMH lamp. When comparing energy savings, the Stasis LED luminaires are more efficient than traditional light sources found in track lighting applications. The 8W fixture consumes 85% less energy than a standard 50W MR16 halogen lamp and the 18W fixture consumes 80% less energy than a standard 90W PAR38 halogen lamp. Easy installation yields simple retrofit opportunities.For use with multiple Halo track systems, the Halo Stasis LED luminaires’ innovative features include an adjustable arm allowing +/- 90° for both rotation and tilt providing full aiming capabilities. The arm employs graduations every 15° for precise, repeatable tilt aiming. An indicator mark on arm bottom assures perfect lamp housing alignment with the track. Tilt and rotation can be locked in place with inconspicuous allen set screws to preserve the original lighting design intent, and an integral on-off switch allows installation without de-energizing the entire track run. The Stasis LED fixtures feature high-quality die-cast aluminum construction and boast exceptional thermal management to yield 70% lumen maintenance after 50,000 hours of operation.The luminaires feature tight optical control with minimal spill light and multiple beam distributions including Spot (8°), Narrow Flood (25°) and Flood (40°). Finishes include White, Black and Aluminum Haze.The Stasis LED luminaires are part of Cooper Lighting’s SustainabLEDesign initiative that offers environmental and sustainable solutions that reduce carbon emissions and hazardous materials in support of an overall strategy to improve the environment.

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