AMA LED T8 Tube series replaces conventional fluorescent T8 light tubes

Jan. 22, 2010
Date Announced: 22 Jan 2010 AMA presented the latest LED T8 tube series to fulfill the need of interior commercial lighting application, such as office and factory illumination. Superior performance of AMA LED tube ensures high lumen output (1,500 stable lumens output). The installation design allows users to replace LED tube with ease and time-saving. Because of built-in drivers, users can directly replace the conventional fluorescent tube without changing any original tube instrument except remove starter. Compared to conventional florescent lamp, AMA LED T8 Tube series are able to save up to 50% energy which significant lower maintenance cost. In addition, LED inherent directional lights feature substantially decrease the waste of useless light. Unique thermal dissipation design offers AMA LED T8 Tube long service lifespan and less decay guarantee. Thus, the excellent illumination performance of AMA LED T8 Tube is already replaced the conventional fluorescent T8 tube. For more product information, visit AMA official website: AMA Precision Inc.AMA Precision Inc., founded in 2005, has invested many efforts in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of cooling solution and high power LED lighting products. As a subsidiary of Pegatron Corporation(, AMA Precision Inc. integrates expertise of thermology, optics, industry design, mechanism, and electrical & electronics engineering, into innovation of LED Lighting. To success in this ultra-competitive industry, AMA owns over 800 employees to offer the maximum value to all customers through world-class services. By this commitment in mind, we believe that we could provide superior service & reliable product from design to manufacture to satisfy customers' needs. If you’d like to explore what else we’re doing to create LED lighting solution for all our customers, visit our website:

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