Once Innovations files formal requests with Department of Energy

Jan. 7, 2010
Date Announced: 07 Jan 2010 PLYMOUTH, MN, U.S.A. – LED lighting design, research, and manufacturing company, Once Innovations followed up on its intent to challenge ENERGY STAR for its operating frequency requirement for integral LED lamps by filing two formal requests this week with the U.S. Department of Energy under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). According to Craige Thompson, Chief Legal Officer for ONCE, “We made our initial request January 4, 2010, asking for all information and documents used as the basis for changing the ENERGY STAR requirement on operating frequency for integral LED lamps from >120 Hz to >150 Hz. We made a second request January 6, 2010 requesting records, information, and documentation relating to the Administrative Procedures Act (APA), Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA), and any exceptions relied on by the agency to the APA or RFA procedures for the development of the ENERGYSTAR criteria – including any notices in the Federal Register.”Zdenko Grajcar, CEO of ONCE further stated, “We feel it is important for the public to know what research, data, or other information led to this decision. Surprisingly the final draft requires operating frequency of >150 Hz, which was apparently based on a vague suggestion in a comment from NGLIA/NEMA regarding the possibility of visual flicker problems. That comment simply suggested that the issue be looked into further. We had hoped for more cooperation from ENERGY STAR, but several attempts to get answers as to the rationale for the change have been unsuccessful to this point.” In a separate correspondence, ONCE asked that ENERGY STAR immediately initiate notice and comments procedures limited to the narrow topic of operating frequency for integral LED lamps. ONCE also indicated that the apparent benefit of raising the operating frequency is highly speculative and unsubstantiated, yet has the potential to deliver a costly blow to entrepreneurial investment by U.S. green-technology companies poised to bring affordable, energy saving lighting to the masses.“We have much more in common with ENERGY STAR and its mission than we have differences,” said Mr. Grajcar. “We also understand the vital role ENERGY STAR plays in making our world more energy efficient. Changing the operating frequency criteria to > 150 Hz, however, isn’t helpful in making that a reality.”###Once Innovations, Inc. is a privately held corporation that manufactures highly differentiated LED lighting using a visionary approach to research and product development - from unique designs with proprietary technologies through final production and distribution. ONCE was founded in 2008 by current CTO, Zdenko Grajcar considered a pioneering rebel in LED technology for his remarkably unconventional thinking and relentless challenge to the industry status quo. The Once Innovations technology research, marketing, and product development campus is located in Plymouth, MN United States of America.

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