Sharp CES announcements include LED lighting due this spring

Jan. 7, 2010
Date Announced: 07 Jan 2010 Sharp continues to contribute to the achievement of an overall green society, and at CES 2010 this is evident in the company’s new product introductions, led by a revolutionary LCD technology that will not only change the way consumers see color, but will greatly increase energy savings. It is equally evident in Sharp’s energy and solar innovations, as well as developments in room environments to help foster healthy, safe lifestyles. “As we move into a new decade, Sharp is prepared to bring consumers the utmost in quality home entertainment products while helping to ensure the smallest footprint possible on the environment,” said Michael Troetti, president, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America. “We’re ushering in a new phase of LCD technology, led by our new four primary color technology, and are excited to roll out our new energy-efficient AQUOS® LED LCD TV lines. Sharp’s booth also offers a look into the future of solar and LED lighting innovations to further improve the consumer lifestyle.”Four Primary Color Technology Sharp’s proprietary four primary color technology, which will be employed in several new AQUOS LED LCD TV models introduced at CES, adds (Y) yellow to the traditional (R) red, (G) green and (B) blue, enabling more than a trillion colors to be displayed. In addition to this groundbreaking technology, Sharp is introducing a wide assortment of LED-backlit LCD TVs with increased performance, energy-efficient panels and contemporary new designs in the widest array of screen size offerings. Sharp’s four primary color technology truly expands the color gamut, faithfully rendering nearly all colors that can be discerned with the unaided human eye. Four primary color technology enables the display to reproduce colors that have been difficult to portray using conventional LCD displays, such as the golden yellow color of brass instruments. When combined with Sharp’s 1080p X-Gen LCD panel, which incorporates UV2A Technology, the displays offer dramatic reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional fluorescent-backlight LCD TVs.Energy and Solar Innovations Advances in solar technology remain a priority, and as one of the world’s leading solar cell manufacturers and a U.S market leader, Sharp is working to incorporate solar technology in solar-powered vehicles, aircrafts and ships in the near future, as well as to power space satellites. For example, last October a solar car, equipped with Sharp compound solar cells, won the 2009 Global Green Challenge, one of the world’s largest solar car races, held in Australia. The winning vehicle will be a part of a solar display at Sharp’s CES booth, alongside other solar innovations such as the solar powered cell phone.Room Innovations Today, consumer behavior is increasingly geared towards healthy, safe lifestyles. As a result of consumer demand for better indoor air quality – free of bacteria, allergens and unpleasant odors – health-related products are becoming more and more popular. Sharp’s Plasmacluster® Air Purifiers, employ a unique combination of technologies to quietly and efficiently clean and refresh the air in a home. Sharp’s proprietary Plasmacluster ion technology is the leading air purification technology in Japan and Sharp is planning for widespread use around the world. Also on display in Sharp’s CES 2010 booth is LED lighting, which the company will begin rolling out in the U.S. this spring. LED lighting is non-hazardous, using eco-friendly components and contains no mercury. Since LEDs are a solid-state light source they generate less heat and are more durable, leading to a longer lifespan.AQUOS Net™ Sharp has also recently made enhancements to its AQUOS Net™ service, which gives users instant access to customized Web-based content in the form of widgets, as well as real-time customer support. Sharp’s newest version of AQUOS Net delivers streaming video with Netflix®. Sharp has also added a new service called SharpTweets that allows consumers to follow their Twitter streams, update, monitor and tweet back, all through the TV display and remote.In addition to the four primary color AQUOS LED LCD TVs, photo voltaic products and room innovations including the Plasmacluster air purifier and LED lighting, the 2010 CES Sharp Electronics booth features a myriad of styles and sizes of AQUOS LED LCD TVs, ranging from 19- (18 1/2" diagonal) up through an industry first 68-inch screen class size (68 1/3" diagonal). These models offer energy-saving features, modern designs and stunning pictures. Sharp is also expanding its AQUOS CCFL LCD TV line-up, with Sharp’s first 240 Hz offering and several new 1080p screen sizes that offer optimal performance at competitive price points.Complementing the AQUOS LCD TV introductions are two new Netflix®-ready Sharp AQUOS Blu-ray Disc™ Players that support BD-ROM Profile 2.0 for BD Live interactive features as well as RSS feeds through an Ethernet jack-enabled Internet connection. These energy-efficient models offer enhanced audio decoding and connectivity with an easy-to-use interface, providing a cutting-edge home theater experience. In addition to two new advanced Blu-ray players, Sharp is introducing several audio products that incorporate superior sound technology – a new audio home theater system with built-in Blu-ray and sound bar as well as new stylish docking systems made for iPod® that allow the user to charge and play music directly from any iPod.

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