Gallium Lighting achieves 38% energy savings relative to standard fluorescent lighting fixtures

Date Announced: 29 Jan 2010

-- New LED Lighting Fixture Family Poised to Make Fluorescent Lighting Obsolete

Fayetteville, GA -- Gallium Lighting introduces an ultra-efficient LED downlight that delivers almost 1,400 lumens while consuming less than 20 watts, which corresponds to an outstanding system efficacy of 72 lumens per watt. By comparison, a typical 16-cell luminaire with standard T-8 fluorescent tubes has a system efficacy of only 45 lumens per watt.

An array of high-output Gallium GS6-CXPG fixtures on a 6’ x 8’ grid generally provides more than 30 footcandles while consuming only 0.4 watts per square foot, demonstrating that LED lighting is now a compelling solution for general illumination in mainstream applications.

In addition to the energy saving benefits, LED lighting substantially reduces maintenance costs and eliminates the hazardous mercury found in fluorescent tubes. The GS6-CXPG series is ideal for green buildings, especially schools, hospitals, offices, transportation hubs and retail spaces.

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Gallium Lighting is committed to providing high-performance LED lighting at affordable prices to reduce energy costs, conserve fossil fuels and prevent climate change.

Cliff Fisher Chief Operating Officer Gallium Lighting, LLC 831-GALLIUM (425-5486)


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