NeoPac announces NUP evaluation kit to accelerate LED luminaire development

Jan. 11, 2010
Date Announced: 11 Jan 2010 NeoPac Opto, a subsidiary of NeoPac Lighting Group, recognized as the New Champion in the Green Tech, announced NUP Evaluation Kit after its disclosure of NeoPac Universal Platform (NUP) and magic numbers for LED lighting. The technological kit is to speed up the pace of evaluating the NUP for the LED lighting technology and developing new LED lighting fixtures for the NUP users and NeoPac’s partners. It also helps open a shortcut and door for them to the LEDs illumination, especially for those who are looking for ways to enter the promising LEDs illumination industry.The well integrated technical kit for evaluation and development purpose comprises of a series of NeoPac indoor and outdoor light engines, which has embodied all the features of NUP that should have such as ultra-high-power, multi-chip-module, single packaged and point-like-source LEDs light engines, LEDs drivers, powers, optics and ample explanatory technical documents.Benefited from optimal multi-chip-module(MCM) packaging technology and excellent thermal management solution, the system-in-package(SIP) LED light engines by NeoPac, with single packaged emitters at any available wattage from 7W, 10W to 14W, are featuring with super low junction temperature (TJ <= 60 deg.C), long useful life (L70>60,000 hrs) and high maintained lumen output. NeoPac has accumulated more than 3 years, or equivalent to 25,000 reliability and useful life test data and thus the analysis report on the performance of NeoPac LEDs Emitters and Light Engines, by which the technology has been broadly applied in all NeoBulb lighting fixtures that were sold to countries all over the world. The technology is adopted in luminaries for the indoor, outdoor and street lighting applications and having been proven mature and reliable with tested data got from all kinds of environment and weather.Jeffrey Chen, chairman of NeoPac Opto, further pointed out, “Actually we are not only providing LEDs light sources at ultra high power with maintained lumen kept at high but also have made lamps and fixtures so successfully with lest light decay and kept sustaining reliability and proven long useful life (L70) as targeted at over 60,000 hrs.NeoPac Opto can precisely define the point-light-source NeoPac Light Engines with maintained lumen output as well as LEDs junction temperature (Tj) and useful life (L70), at the same form factor with a driving current fixed for the LEDs at a constant current (530mA). Most importantly the lamps can be kept at the same maintained-lumen-output with same form factor while keep unchanged to cross a long horizon, say 2, 3 or more generations as the LED chip’s efficacy can be improved year by year. Thus it’s easier by shortening the time-to-market under the NUP. Beside the high reliability, the LEDs light engines, drivers and other accessories that are designed based on the NeoPac Universal Platform(NUP) can achieve the availability, product consistency and sustainability. No matter how LED lumen efficacy is can be improved year by year, the form factor, lighting characteristics, specifications of the driving circuit and so on, can be kept remaining at the same values for years.Compared to NeoPac Light Engines, other LED light sources that are resorting to standard approaches will require change of many things beside packaging, such as the driver and even the photometric and optical designs, all issues about designing of the luminaires should be changed. Thus it might result in disastrous issues on influencing the reliability and useful life. Once adopting NeoPac’s solutions, however, the LEDs lighting fixture makers will benefit from a lot many merits like lower cost, higher power-saving, longer useful life and more sustainability for the LED lighting fixtures.NeoPac Opto has developed and filed more than 230 patents upon the technology basing on NeoPac Universal Platform, which covers heat pipe, thermal modules, LEDs packaging, light engines and the structure for the designs of indoor/outdoor luminaires. As to the technology for the general lighting, the point-like-source high lumen LEDs light engines can also be applied into digital projector, motor head light, fiber optics, stage spot lights...etc. For details and if you would be interested in Online ordering for NUP Evaluation Kit, please see them at the NeoPac's web site (

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