Lynk Labs challenges DOE Energy Star operating frequency requirements for integral lamps

Jan. 7, 2010
Date Announced: 07 Jan 2010 Lynk Labs Inc. will be challenging and offering DOE Energy Star help, knowledge and data to support development of “fair” AC LED Technology operating frequency requirements for Integral LampsLynk Labs Inc., the leading supplier of AC LED device, light engine and power supply technology announced today its intent to challenge the recent increase to 150 Hz operating frequencies and offer knowledge, support and data to DOE Energy Star in the development of “fair product requirements” for Integral LED Lamps. “The increase in operating frequency requirements was based solely on suggestion and DOE Energy Star’s reliance on non-experts in the field of AC LED technology” according to Bob Kottritsch, Vice President at Lynk Labs. “Lynk Labs has been researching, designing and developing AC LED technology and products for over 8 years and is offering to provide the knowledge and data Energy Star needs to set the proper requirements needed for manufacturers to deliver high quality AC LED powered products” said Mr. Kottritsch. “Lynk Labs AC LED technology operates on various AC drive methods as well as frequencies from 50 Hz to the MHz range based on many factors including LED chip and package size, application, product design and product requirements” said Mike Miskin, Lynk Labs CEO. “Regardless whether it’s direct AC or rectified, when designing products to operate at the mains frequency range of 50/60 Hz, many factors beyond frequency must be considered including spatial separation of the die and/or packages, phosphor latencies, drive scheme charge storage, beam angle crossings and more” according to Mr. Miskin. Lynk claims that this new 150 Hz criteria can actually eliminate LED technology from ever being able to replace many inefficient, small form factor lamps which will contradict the very mission of DOE Energy Star.

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