Epilight to start up phase 5 of its purchase plan with Aixtron MOCVD tools

Date Announced: 24 Aug 2010

Aachen/Germany – Aixtron AG today announced a new order from Epilight Technology Co., Ltd, China for four CRIUS® 31x2 inch MOCVD tools.

Epilight placed its order for the HB GaN LED growth reactors in the first quarter of 2010. The local Aixtron support team will commission the new CRIUS® reactors at the company’s facility in Shanghai during the third quarter of 2010.

Wendy Liu, Chairman of Epilight comments, “We have begun a major capacity increase in our GaN high-brightness LED production so we need a corresponding guaranteed high quality production foundation. I am sure we have found this in the form of the highly respected Aixtron CRIUS® MOCVD platform.

As the leader of enterprise in Shanghai’s National Solid-state Lighting Base, Epilight has become the most reliable provider of InGaN epiwafers and blue and green LED chips. Naturally, we wish to build on this hard-won reputation to meet our production commitments and are looking to attract new customers.

With our growing business we must quickly and efficiently introduce new manufacturing capacity. The CRIUS® forms a key part of the start up of our Phase 5 purchase plan which is why we greatly look forward to working with the Aixtron local support team to ensure a smooth installation and ramp up.”

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