Philips Lighting releases ELG Generation 2

Aug. 5, 2010
Date Announced: 05 Aug 2010 Emco Lighting by Philips Gardco has just introduced the Emco LED Garage Generation 2 (ELG) luminaire. This luminaire provides an excellent quality of light in parking garage and canopy applications, while at the same time providing significant energy savings. Traditionally parking garages can be a difficult environment to adequately light, but the ELG provides the ideal solution. The ELG offers advanced energy saving technologies like Motion Response and dimming capabilities, and comes standard with the most state-of-the-art LED technology available in the marketplace.The LED high performance integrated lens optical systems provide excellent performance, minimizing glare and light trespass. LEDs are available in three colors: Cool White, Neutral White, and Warm White. Emco’s LED integrated lens technology combines superior thermal control to provide maximized light output and maximum energy savings. The Generation 2 offers 110LA at 7,878 lumens and 70LA at 5,781 lumens. Three optical systems provide more options for owners: Type 5, Type 5 with Integral Diffuse Lens Option and Concentrated Downlight. To enhance safety, the concentrated downlight optic is available for use at garage entrances or at higher than normal mounting heights within a parking garage, improving safety for drivers and pedestrians. Bird deterrent options are also available to ensure that bothersome birds are not able to build nests above or around the luminaire.The Emco ELG utilizes the identical Quick Mount Plate system that has been proven in years of service with the Gardco GP1 luminaire. Retrofitting from the GP1 to the ELG can take as little as 15 minutes per luminaire, saving both time and money. ELG Generation 2 luminaires are available with Motion Response and dimming technologies to further enhance potential energy savings. When no movement is detected, adequate but less energy is used; saving the owner money, while making their garage more energy conscientious.When retrofitting a garage with the ELG, you may qualify for the Commercial Lighting Tax Deduction (available under EPACT 2005). Please make sure to visit the following website for complete information.

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