Konica Minolta Chroma-Meter characterizes new generation white LEDs

Aug. 12, 2010
Date Announced: 12 Aug 2010 Konica Minolta Sensing, Inc. announces the introduction of the new lightweight portable Chroma Meter CL-200A suitable for measuring the colour temperature of white LEDs and other Light sources.LEDs are known as next-generation lighting because their low energy consumption and efficiency is far better than that of traditional light bulbs. Furthermore, LEDs are environmentally friendly because unlike fluorescent lamps, they use no mercury. After the introduction of high-luminance white LEDs, this technology has become even more practical and popular for general-purpose lighting and as backlights for large-sized LCD displays.Konica Minolta Sensing has been known as a leading manufacturer of high-performance illuminance meters for a quarter of a century. Konica Minolta Chroma Meters measure not only illuminance but also colour temperature and chromaticity at the same time. Because of this they are well accepted and valued by R&D departments and production lines of LED manufacturers. Thus Konica Minolta Sensing, Inc. enjoys a leading market share in the LED lighting field.The Chroma Meter CL-200A, which succeeds the current CL-200, has improved operability for white LED measurement. In addition to measuring the colour temperature, chromaticity and illuminance of light sources, the CL-200A also shows the dominant wavelength and excitation purity directly in the display. The CL-200A is a perfect tool to control the quality of new lighting devices such as LED modules. And with the standard accessory software which runs on a PC, users of the CA-200A will be able to rank each measured LED automatically by plotting the data on the chromaticity chart.The new CL-200A is useful not only for LED manufacturers but also for lighting designers, architects and engineers in the field. When producing illumination for a stage or space, colour temperature, chromaticity and illuminance which are suitable for the space need to be specified and correctly communicated with the workers setting up the event, especially when amenity, safety and efficiency are important to the original designer of the space. The CL-200A is the ideal tool to ensure the stage lighting is exactly as the designer envisaged.

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