Triple output LED driver from Linear Technology: H-grade version of LT3496

Aug. 24, 2010
Date Announced: 24 Aug 2010 Linear Technology has announced the H-grade version of the LT3496.The LT3496 is a 2MHz DC/DC converter designed to operate as a three-channel constant current LED driver. Each of the device’s three channels can drive up to eight 500mA LEDs in series, enabling it to drive up to 24 x 500mA LEDs at efficiencies up to 96%. The H-grade version operates up to a junction temperature of 150˚C, compared to the E- and I-grade versions’ 125˚C maximum junction temperature. All electrical specifications are identical for the E-, I- and H-grade versions. The H-grade parts are tested and guaranteed to the maximum junction temperature of 150˚C. They are ideal for automotive and industrial applications which are subjected to high ambient temperatures.The LT3496 senses output current at the high side of the LED, enabling buck, buck-boost or boost configurations. Each channel is operated by an independent True Color PWM™ signal, enabling each to be dimmed independently to ratios as high as 3,000:1. A fixed frequency, current-mode architecture ensures stable operation over a wide range of supply and output voltages. A frequency adjust pin enables the user to program the frequency between 330kHz and 2.1MHz to optimize efficiency while minimizing external component size. The LT3496's thermally enhanced 4mm x 5mm QFN package provides a highly compact solution footprint for 50W LED applications.The LT3496HUFD is available from stock in a 4mm x 5mm QFN-28 package. Pricing starts at $4.45 each for 1,000 piece quantities. For more information, visit of Features of the LT3496H:• Maximum Junction Temperature of 150°C• True Color PWM™ Dimming Delivers up to 3000:1 Dimming Ratio • Built-In Gate Driver for PMOS LED Disconnect • Three Independent Driver Channels with 700mA, 45V Internal Switches • Operates in Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost Modes • CTRL Pin Accurately Sets LED Current Sense Threshold Over a Range of 10mV to 100mV • Low Quiescent Current: 6mA in Active Mode • <10uA in Shutdown Mode • Adjustable Switching Frequency: 300kHz to 2.1MHz • Open LED Protection• Wide Input Voltage Range: 3V to 40V• Surface Mount Components• 28-Lead (4mm x 5mm) QFN Package

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