TESS announces world’s first GX10q-4 base LED PL (BB type) lamp

Aug. 24, 2010
Date Announced: 24 Aug 2010 TESS (topco energy saving system corp.), a leading LED lighting developer and manufacturer in Taiwan; on July 27 conducted an annual forum with its LEDs supplier, CREE, and channel partner, WPI group, and gained great success. TESS also announced five new products in this forum, including 12W 1200 lumen LED bulb, 12W dimmable LED bulb, 3 steps color-temperature adjustable LED bulb, LED PL (BB type) lamp (4-Pin GX10q-4 base) and LED T8 tube all adopt CREE LEDs.“Banning incandescent bulb do help reduce carbon emissions, but changing to compact fluorescent lamp can cause another problem, mercury pollution, which we hardly hear people or countries have taken serious action against it,” said Sunny Tsai, Chairman of TESS, “We would like to ask people all over the world to pay attention to mercury pollution problem.”In order to solve energy consumption and pollution problems that incandescent bulb and compact fluorescent lamp have caused, TESS recently released a series of LED lighting products ranging from LED bulb, LED PL (BB type) lamp to LED tube. So far, TESS has completed a total solution that can replace most domestic lighting products people use nowadays such as incandescent bulb and compact fluorescent lamp.Comparing with incandescent bulb and compact fluorescent lamp, the new products TESS newly announced hold more practical characteristics. 12W1200 lumen LED bulb and LED T8 tube deliver higher luminous efficiency; dimmable LED bulb and 3 steps color-temperature adjustable LED bulb are variable in lighting colors.TESS especially introduced its LED PL (BB type) lamp. It is covered in a patented case, so it wastes very little light than traditional CFL PL (BB type) lamp. TESS plans to mass produce LED PL (BB type) lamp in August and provide it at a friendly price. Surely TESS will surprise the lighting market and consumers again with its new LED PL (BB type) lamp.1) 12W 1200 lumen LED Bulb-Item No.: T-6C001C/T-6C001W-Power Consumption: 12W±10%-Color Temperature: 6000°K±10%/3000°K±10%-Lumen Output: 1200lm±10%/950lm±10%-Luminous Efficiency: 100lm/W/79lm/W-Light Source: CREE XPG-Life Time: >10,000hrs2) Dimmable LED Bulb-Item No.: T-6C002W-Power Consumption: 12W±10%-Color Temperature: 3000°K±10%-Lumen Output: 810lm±10%-Luminous Efficiency: 68lm/W-Light Source: CREE XPG (also MX6)-Life Time: >10,000hrs3) 3 Steps Color-Temperature Adjustable LED Bulb-Item No.: T-60005-Power Consumption: 9W±10%-Color Temperature: 6000°K±10%/4500°K±10%/3000°K±10% (3 steps changeable from cool white to warm white)-Light Source: CREE XPG (also MX6)-Life Time: >20,000hrs4) LED PL (BB type) lamp-Item No.: T-7C001M/T-7C001S-Power Consumption: 12W±10%-Color Temperature: 5000°K±10%/2700°K±10%-Lumen Output: 720lm±10%/580lm±10%-Luminous Efficiency: 60lm/W/48lm/W-Light Source: CREE MX6-Base: GX10q-4 (4-Pin)-Life Time: >12,000hrs5) LED T8 Tube-Item No.: T-7I001M (2 feet)/T-79001M (4 feet)-Power Consumption: 10W±10%/20W±10%-Color Temperature: 5000°K±10%/5000°K±10%-Lumen Output: 700lm±10%/1400lm±10%-Luminous Efficiency: 70lm/W/70lm/W-Light Source: CREE MLE-Base: G13 for T8 Tube-Life Time: >10,000hrs* Specifications mentioned above are subject to change without notification.About TESSTESS founded in Oct 2007 which is a professional LED lighting and solar system product manufacturer and provider in Taiwan. The main products of TESS are LED bulb, LED down light, LED street light and solar systems. TESS has received the ISO 9001 & 14001 Certificate from TUV and also acquired FCC/UL/CE/C-tick/CNS Certificate.The business of TESS grows rapidly within this year. TESS has triumphed in Asia lighting market especially in Japan and is enlarging its criterion in Europe and America as well. TESS plans to go public through an initial public offering in Taiwan this year.

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