MY-Semi Inc. launches energy-saving constant current LED driver MY9163

Aug. 3, 2010
Date Announced: 03 Aug 2010 MY-Semi delivers the most complete error diagnostics and power saving constant current LED driver, MY9163, applying the energy efficiency trendy. Design of MY9163 is particularly effective in all traffic related panels and high end full color displays. “Go Green” represents MY-Semi’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. MY9163 is a multi-functional 16-channel high accuracy constant current LED driver rated to 17V and delivers 3-90mA current. By means of the 256 steps Global Current Control (GCC), common problem such as different brightness between modules and LED aging can be solved. In addition, fast 30MHz DCK input enables large amount of data transfer and wide LED dimming (on/ off). MY9163’s complete detection features, Real-Time and Compulsory Error Detection, open up a wide range of design capability. By employing Real-Time Error Detection, without bothering dynamic frame, a continually detect of LED Open and LED Short can be achieved. By employing Compulsory Error Detection, without being noticed by human eyes (80ns detecting time and 0.1mA detecting current), all features such as LED Open/ Short/ Short to Ground/ Short to Port/ Short to Power/ Output Leakage can be fully detected. And only a very simple command is required. Furthermore, voltage selection of short detection makes LED Power, IC Power and module combination extremely flexible. MY-Semi is committed to acting in a responsible way in “Go Green”. “Sleep Mode” and “0-data Mode” in MY9163 perfectly show our capability to offer such energy saving technology. What they have in common is their efficiency to lower down the LED driver IDD to 0.1uA and to save 99.99% power consumption. In this way, MY9163 not only achieves Energy Saving but extends LED driver IC’s life. MY9163 requires few passive components on PCB board and offers high accuracy ±1.5% skew between channel/ ±3% skew between chips. Moreover, 30ns fast current transient response can greatly improve LED panel refresh rate. An over temperature alarm function in MY9163 highly extends LED life and achieves LED panel reliability. MY9163 P24-236mil-1.0mm (MY9163SA)、SSOP24-150mil-0.635mm (MY9163SS)、TSSOP24-173mil-0.65mm (MY9163TE) and QFN24-4mmx4mm-0.5mm (MY9163QF)) samples are available. For further technical and pricing information, customers can reach us by our website or

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