LED conversion helps manufacturer meet sustainability goals

Aug. 23, 2010
Date Announced: 23 Aug 2010 For over 30 years, Rockline has built a reputation as a trusted supplier of household paper and non-woven products. As the largest supplier of wet wipes in North America, the company is a recognised leader in product innovation as well as sustainable manufacturing practices - its line of environmentally-friendly wipes are 100% biodegradable and made with 100% renewable resources.The company has recently taken steps to meeting its sustainability goals by replacing its inefficient metal halide light fittings with high-efficiency LED high bay lights from Dialight. Not only has the conversion enabled Rockline to reduce its energy consumption and operating costs, but it is also now positioned to benefit handsomely from the U.S. government’s energy-saving rebate incentive to the tune of just over £32,000. Cutting energy costs and consumption with DialightWith 15 metal halide fixtures burning 12 hours a day, five days a week in the mixing room and another 125 ablaze 24/7 in the manufacturing area at its baby wipes production facility, Rockline’s energy consumption was excessive. To improve energy efficiency and reduce total operating costs, the company recently replaced all 140 of the 400W metal halides in both areas with Dialight’s high-efficiency DuroSite™ LED High Bay fixtures. The new fixtures have not only slashed future energy consumption per fixture from approximately 460W, including ballast losses, to just 150W per unit. They have also improved light performance and output, reduced maintenance cost and qualified Rockline for a substantial rebate for its energy efficient practices. “The installation went very smoothly with minimal interruption to our manufacturing process,” said Nick Santoleri, Vice President of Manufacturing at Rockline. “The beauty of it is that the new fixtures use all standard plugs, so there was no need for re-wiring during the retrofit.Better performance, less maintenanceIn addition to the significant energy savings, the new LED fixtures have also helped to reduce lighting maintenance. When you factor in the cost of renting a lift to reach the 5.5 metres mounting height, maintaining the old fixtures was a large expense every year. With unique highly efficient 11,600 lumens (79lm/w), the Dialight LED High Bay fixtures combine the latest Cree® XLamp® XP-G high brightness LED precision optics and next generation thermal management practices. The long-life performance of the new Dialight LED fixtures means that Rockline can now expect to get up to 10 years of life out of each fixture with the first five covered by Dialight’s no-cost replacement warranty.The company and its employees are both pleased with the significant temperature drop inside the manufacturing facility as a result of the new LED fixtures. Without the excess heat generated from the metal halide fixtures, Rockline’s HVAC engineers have noted a 20-ton (10% - 15%) reduction in air conditioning demand to maintain comfortable temperatures inside the facility - an additional energy saving and sustainability benefit for the company.As a result of its energy-saving initiatives, which included the Dialight DuroSite retrofit, Rockline is qualified and has already applied for over £30,000 energy-savings rebate through American Electric Power’s Southwestern Electric Power Company.“The energy and cost savings combined with the opportunity to receive the energy efficiency rebates has made the conversion to LED lighting a substantial part of our sustainability efforts,” Santoleri said. “We’re already looking to convert other areas where safety and colour rendering are just as important as energy efficiency, including our building exterior and truck loading area.”UK companies should contact their MPs in order to initiate a move towards similar incentive schemes to those enjoyed in the U.S.Installation Snapshot• Size of Facility - 1.2 million total square feet• Number of Fixtures - 140• Replaced - 400W Metal Halide• Illuminance level - 429 lux• Mounting Height - 5.5 ms• Air Conditioning Reduction - 10%-15%• Payback - <1 year payback with rebate incentives Dialight LED LightingFeatures & Benefits• 80% lumen maintenance after 60,000 hours• 79lm/w (LM-79) certified• Significant energy savings• Instant on/off• Maintenance free• Mercury free• Superior light quality• Minimal light pollution• Simple installationTypical Applications• Warehouse• Manufacturing• Cold Storage• Canopy• Gymnasiums• Tunnels

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