Brand Neue Corp. unveils 120 watt LED high bay lighting fixtures

Aug. 17, 2010
Date Announced: 17 Aug 2010 Bentonville, Arkansas- Brand Neue Corp. (OTCBB:BRNZ) announced today the addition to their product line of commercial and industrial LED Lighting solutions a super energy efficient, high lumen output 120 Watt high bay LED fixture. The new low cost Luma Vue 120 Watt LED High Bay fixtures are now one-to-one replacements for conventional 400 Watt metal halide lighting fixtures and consume 70-80% less electricity.Brand Neue also announced the first order of the Company's LED Lighting Product Line from its newly appointed Hawaiian distributer. This initial order will be shipped to Brand Neue's Honolulu-based distributor over the next 30 days. The cost of energy in Hawaii is amongst the highest in the U.S., making energy saving LED Lighting an ideal solution for the State's ongoing energy challenges."We can now replace a 400 Watt metal halide light with one 120 Watt LED fixture with the same brightness. The high lumen output of these fixtures and low cost sets them apart from other LED products on the market today," stated Kevin LaBranche, Manager of Marketing and Distribution for Brand Neue. "The high lumen rating was achieved by improving the driver system and introducing higher efficiency SMD chips. Based on the results of the photometrics report on the Luma Vue 120 Watt High Bay LED fixtures Brand Neue has already received orders to put this new LED Lighting solution into service. Finally there is an economical one-to-one LED replacement solution for high energy consuming 400 Watt metal halide lights."As with all of Brand Neue's LED Lighting products, the 120 Watt high bay LED lighting fixture will enable commercial and industrial customers to make significant reductions to their energy consumption. By replacing traditional 400 Watt metal halide fixtures with the lower wattage 120 Watt LED solution less heat is produced, less electricity is used, and a Company's overall carbon footprint drastically reduced."Many large warehouses have several hundred 400 Watt metal halide light fixtures in place; with each of the lights producing approximately the same amount of heat as a two-foot wall heater running 24-hours a day. The savings on air conditioning costs alone will be substantial, and this coupled with the fact that our new cool running 120 Watt LED fixtures require three or four times less power to operate, is something our customers have been waiting for," added Labranche.For more details on the new Luma Vue 120 Watt LED High Bay fixtures or to speak with a Company representative, please contact Brand Neue Sales.About Brand Neue Corp.Brand Neue Corp. is a product innovation company trading over the counter on the OTCBB under the symbol BRNZ. Brand Neue executives and advisors have more than 300 years of retail, global sourcing and brand experience and together, are committed to globally sourcing, developing, marketing, licensing and distributing innovative new products to retail, manufacturing and industrial application clients worldwide.

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