Optiled and ASTRI collaborate to bring LED lighting products to Hong Kong

Aug. 5, 2010
Date Announced: 05 Aug 2010 Hong Kong – LED lighting solution provider Optiled Lighting International Ltd. (Optiled) is leading Hong Kong into a new era of lighting technology with the successful launch of its Super Star LED lighting product series. Developed in close collaboration with the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), this technological breakthrough highlights Optiled’s and ASTRI’s joint commitment to making Hong Kong a global leader in LED lighting technology.The Optiled Super Star LED MR16 lamp combines Optiled’s extensive R&D expertise with ASTRI’s U.S. patented “birdcage” lamp housing technology (US 7,701,055), setting a new standard in LED lighting product design. The “birdcage” lamp housing is designed to provide maximal heat dissipation surfaces via continual air-flow passage design. Its unique “birdcage” feature allows uniform heat transfer capability at different lamp orientations, leading to uniform light distribution of LED MR16 lamps. By providing excellent thermal management, the birdcage housing helps achieve exceptionally high efficacy and long product life. As the best retrofit option for most traditional MR16 light fixtures, the Super Star LED lamp can be applied to a wide variety of indoor settings ranging from retail display lighting and elevator lighting to accent lighting in residential homes. “Working with ASTRI to develop the Super Star series and accelerate the development of LED lighting in Hong Kong has been a hugely beneficial experience for Optiled,” said Peter Chan, managing director, Optiled, “As a Hong Kong-based enterprise, we are extremely proud to play a role in making Hong Kong the global leader in LED lighting technology. By closely collaborating with ASTRI, we have demonstrated our continued commitment to creating more home-grown technologies for Hong Kong.”“Managing heat in LED lighting products is crucial for ensuring product reliability, and ASTRI’s patented heat dissipation technology effectively solves the thermal challenge of MR16 LED lamps. With ASTRI's technology, our customers gain the technical capability to achieve optimal operating temperature, thus enhancing lamp performance and lifetime,” said Mr. Lu Ming, Director of ASTRI.ASTRI was founded by the Hong Kong SAR government in 2000 with a mission to enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong’s technology-based industries through applied research. For over a decade, ASTRI has been collaborating closely with the government, industry and academia in spearheading the development of new technologies and has succeeded in building a portfolio of innovations for industry transfers and commercialization. The Super Star MR16 LED patented “birdcage” lamp housing technology is designed to maximize heat dissipation.Developed in close collaboration with ASTRI, Optiled’s Super Star LED MR16 lamp can be applied to a wide variety of indoor settings.About OPTILED Lighting International Ltd.OPTILED Lighting International Ltd. is a leading expert and provider of LED lighting solutions across the entire range of functional lighting applications; OPTILED is shaping the future of light by leading the world into a new era of lighting based on LED technology.Founded in 2000 with its headquarters in Hong Kong, OPTILED quickly established itself as the leading brand in LED lighting solutions by developing innovative products, providing skilled and knowledgeable sales expertise and establishing an extensive distribution network across the North America, Europe, China, Japan, Australia & New Zealand, Hong Kong and South East Asia regions. For more information about OPTILED, please visit http://www.OPTILED.com. About Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research InstituteThe Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) was founded by the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2000 to enhance technological advances for Hong Kong through applied research. In 2006, ASTRI was designated the Hong Kong Research and Development Centre for Information and Communications Technologies by the Innovation and Technology Commission to perform leading-edge R&D for technology transfer to industry, develop technological human resources and act as a focal point bringing together industry and university R&D assets.During the past years, ASTRI has been conducting a spectrum of world-class and customer-focused R&D, and has built teams of excellent researchers, produced a volume of intellectual properties and created real economic impact by transferring technologies to its clients in Hong Kong, the Mainland and the region. For more information about ASTRI, please visit http://www.astri.org.

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