Medien Werkzeuge installs LED walls for Beach Volleyball Grand Slam

Aug. 12, 2010
Date Announced: 12 Aug 2010 The six-day Beach Volleyball Grand Slam at the Wörthersee (Austria) ended last Sunday. Medien Werkzeuge, the provider of LED Screens throughout Europe, has been a fixed starter at this event for the last six years. In 2010, Medien Werkzeuge put up four video walls and one LED board in and around the stadium. The materials used were cutting edge: digitTILE 12 with SMD technology. Vienna and Munich, August 2010Live on Four Video Walls - That’s the way..we like it*Medien Werkzeuge provided four LED video walls and one LED board, making it the sharpest** supplier of technological equipment at the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam in Klagenfurt on the shores of Wörthersee (Austria), where sport mingles casually with that beach feeling and party atmosphere every year. Two video walls allowed for better views and insights inside the stadium, while one video wall was put up in the adjacent lido and another at the nearby camp site. Thus, everybody who wanted to be there could be, even though the 8,000 seat stadium was full by 9 a.m. as is traditional and had to close its gates to further spectators.Six Years of Increasing Cooperation Medien Werkzeuge has been an integral part of this Grand Slam tournament for six years. Just as the sport event keeps growing from year to year, the volume of projects expands continually with it. “The mix of perfect organization and unique atmosphere is what makes this event so special. This is made possible with the help of partners such as Medien Werkzeuge. For the first time, we have set up a beach camp where we installed a video wall this year. Also new: the LED board near the entrance to the centre court, providing up-to-date information,” said the red-white-red organisation team Jagerhofer/Lischka***, revealing the video wall news for 2010. Being on the Ball with SMD Technology“We have used our latest materials for the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam: the digiTILE T12 System with SMD technology is the best there is at the moment!” said Christian Wymetal, founder and Managing Director of Medien Werkzeuge. The 6.40 x 3.60 metre (centre court) and 4.80 x 2.70 metre (lido and beach camp) format video walls had been assembled within two days and then tested and fine-tuned before the event started. As a result, the entire Grand Slam tournament shone on the screens as it should from Tuesday, 27th July to Sunday, 1st August.The weather did not bother the digiTILE T12 material at all, although it may have affected the spectators in the arena and the lido. The system offers high-resolution, homogenous and true-colour pictures in all light conditions, from every viewing angle and even in close-up situations (which seem to be part of beach volleyball). The digiTILE T12 video wall modules also score with light weight and low energy consumption.* The traditional beach anthem at the centre court** The LED material digiTILE T12 offers pin sharp, high-resolution pictures *** Hannes Jagerhofer, owner and Managing Director of ACTS Group / Reinhard Lischka, Managing Director of ACTS SportAbout The CompanyWiener Medien Werkzeuge Kommunikations-Veranstaltungs GmbH owns more than 600 m² of LED rental equipment and is one of the top three LED rental companies in Europe. Medien Werkzeuge, established in 2000, has offices in Vienna and Munich and generates an average annual turnover of EUR 3.5 million. Along with its global project partners, the company and its 11 full-time staff (8 in Austria, 2 in Germany, 1 in the Netherlands) set up flexible indoor and outdoor LED formats (display boards, video walls) for major international events in the fields of sports, culture and trade fairs.Photos, captions, credits..can be found at〈=enGlossaryLEDLED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These light emitting diodes are based on semiconductors which convert power directly into light. The colour of the light emitted depends on the semiconductor materials used. Multicolour pictures require three diodes: red, green and blue (the additive colour model). LEDs benefit from their low energy consumption, high efficiency and longevity, as well as their robustness. Conventional diodes are mounted on circuit boards using the through-hole technique. SMT represents a more refined technology on hardware level. SMDFor SMD LEDs (Surface Mounted Device), three diodes are soldered together in a casing and then mounted onto the surface of the circuit board. This method enables higher pixel density resulting in excellent picture quality

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