ALT becomes the first LED manufacturer to acquire the Taiwan CNS Mark

Aug. 3, 2010
Date Announced: 03 Aug 2010 Taipei - In order to make the LED lighting industry to become standardized and set up a regulation for national construction verification, in 2008 BSMI integrated ideas from both industry and academic field, and announced “Fixtures of roadway lighting with light emitting diode lamps” national standards (as known as CNS 15233) for streetlight. Since then, all Taiwanese LED lighting manufacturers have a standard procedure to follow. On the following year, BSMI published the examination of CNS Mark and encouraged all manufacturers to take this inspection to establish a uniform standard for the LED industry. However, the inspection has a long examination period and a complex procedure. The failure rate is higher than any other safety certification in the world. In addition, it doesn’t accept any international safety certification statistic as a reference. Thus, CNS 15233 Mark becomes the most difficult inspection in the world for all LED lighting manufacturers. “In order to acquire CNS 15233 Mark, all products have been through life-time performance examination, which keeps lighting up the lamp for at least 4000 hours straight, with only 8% lighting recession”, says the ALT Chief Engineer Officer Baly Lo, “besides, the test criteria even included reality environment simulation and IP water-proof test. Overall, the whole examination is surely more difficult than any other national examination.” With such tough examination criteria, most of LED manufacturers are afraid of taking this performance test.ALT challenges to pass the highest inspection verified by the Industrial Technology Research InstituteEven under the great criticism that this examination has gotten, ALT, with its own leading LED lighting technology, confidently applied for BSMI quality inspection. The whole inspection will be verified by the ITRI, the most renowned examination institute in Taiwan. After an eight months examination period, ITRI finally notified that ALT has passed every performance test, and will acquire the certification of CNS 15233 Mark by August. It will make ALT to become the first high power LED lighting manufacturer to obtain the CNS Mark among any other LED company in Taiwan. ITRI also claims that the difference between other international safety certification and CNS Mark is that manufacturers with CNS Mark have to be randomly inspected by BSMI every year. Specialists assure that this system is better than the “one-time international safety inspection” structure. Acquiring the CNS Mark shows that ALT not only has a mature LED lighting technology, but also the determination for a long-term quality control and assurance. Mainly due to an immature LED market, national safety certification is the only safety guarantee that we can hold on to while enjoying advanced LED lighting products without any safety concern. Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. has cutting-edge heat dissipation technology directly from partnered industrial server manufacturer, and more than 100 patents and safety certifications. Additionally it is the first LED lighting company to receive recognition from IF Product Design Award.

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