Kingsun demonstrates retrofit LED A-lamps and fluorescent replacements

Aug. 16, 2010
Date Announced: 16 Aug 2010 What’s the biggest event in China this year? Must be Expo 2010. What’t the hottest industry in the world this year? Must be the energy-saving LED lighting. When Expo met LED, what could the world expect?Kingsun, as a long-term cooperator of GlobalMarket, exhibited her new indoor lighting series – PEARL LED light bulb and JADE LED tube light in Expo last July. With an elegant outlook and a terrific energy-saving effeciency, a 5W E26/E27 PEARL could perfectly be the retrofit of a 40W incandescent lamp while a 7W T10 JADE could replace a 18W fluorecent tube light, which has been designed to minimize glare and reflections off the surface that causes visual discomfort. Fluorescent lamps are are most commonly used for our daily lighting. However, fixture efficiencies are typically less than 40% for the directional quality of LEDs, more lumens are directed on the desired lighting space, and fewer wasted lumens are directed upward.Till now, more than 140,000pcs of LED bulbs and tubes have been widely accepted by over 50,000 families in Dongguan, Guangdong. Estimation from residential area and factories shows that 70% of electricity power has been saved. These and other qualities of LED sources are encouraging the marketplace to adopt LED technology in niche applications today, and general illumination applications in the near future.

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