OEM Group acquires Thin Film Etch and PVD product lines from Tegal Corporation

March 26, 2010
Date Announced: 26 Mar 2010 Gilbert, AZ -- OEM Group Inc., equipment solution providers to worldwide makers of Silicon, MEMS, LED, RFID, Power Devices, and Photovoltaic devices, announced on March 23rd, 2010 the successful completion of the acquisition of Tegal Corporation's legacy Thin Film Etch and PVD product lines. In this acquisition, OEM Group adds the Tegal 900ACS™, 980ACS™, 6500 HRe-™ and 6500 Spectra™ series Thin Film Etch products, and the Sputtered Films Endeavor™ and AMS™ PVD series products to their "LEGENDS™" offering. Tegal’s legacy product lines will join the MRC Eclipse (PVD), AG Heatpulse® (RTP), Lam AutoEtch™ (Etch), and Varian Sunset (Implant) platforms. OEM Group will bring continued global support to existing Tegal Thin Film Etch and PVD customers, with an install base approaching 2000 systems; and, by integrating these world class technologies into their already deep product mix, OEM Group is well positioned to serve the growing number of customers in emerging markets, like MEMS, BAW, LEDs, and beyond. OEM Group will also build upon Tegal’s success in AlN PVD foundry services, and offer the most comprehensive mix of PVD platforms to their foundry customers. OEM Group’s president, Mr. Wayne Jeveli, comments on today’s exciting acquisition: “In early 2008, OEM Group launched a strategic initiative that responded to changes prevalent in our industry. We saw a need for nimble, cost conscious, global vendors to serve the future needs of mature fabs in all markets, including fabs manufacturing at 8”, 6” and below. We also saw emerging markets that could truly benefit from existing, cost effective technologies. Since that time, we have completed 3 marquee acquisitions. The first in 2008 included the LEGENDS™ assets of Applied Materials and Metron. In 2009, we followed this up with our purchase of the Air Products Tool Services Group. And now, today’s acquisition takes our LEGENDS™ offering to a new level. Tegal’s PVD technology complements our existing PVD product offering perfectly, and gives unique capabilities in applications likes AlN. Of course, Tegal has an unparalleled brand in thin film plasma etch, earned over 38 years of industry experience. This new depth in plasma etch truly completes our offering to current and emerging markets. Our vision for OEM Group’s LEGENDS™ strategy is ‘Proven Technology for a New World’, and we’ve just taken another major step to making this a reality.”The Tegal Thin Film Etch and PVD product acquisition, last year’s opening of their new global headquarters in the US and distribution center in Japan, and nearly complete service facility in Taiwan, place OEM Group at the forefront of serving these new market requirements. About OEM Group: OEM Group provides new and remanufactured front-end equipment to worldwide makers of Silicon Devices, as well as emerging applications such as MEMS, LED, RFID, Power Devices, and Photovoltaic. Having completed over 1,300 projects since 1999, OEM Group's proven Remanufacturing procedures provide the production performance and process confidence today’s Fabs require. With the recent addition of the exclusive manufacturing rights of the Tegal 900ACS™-Series and 6500™-Series Thin Film Etch, the Sputtered Films Endeavor™ PVD, and AMS™ PVD product lines, OEM Group continues to increase their LEGENDS™ portfolio which also includes the MRC Eclipse (PVD), AG Heatpulse® (RTP), Varian Sunset [Implant], and Lam AutoEtch™ (ETCH) product lines.In addition to the LEGENDS™ line, OEM Group continues to be the global Remanufacturing leader of systems, chambers, and conversions for the Applied Materials® Endura®, Centura® and P5000; Mattson Aspen™ II; and Novellus Concept One® and Two platforms. All Remanufactured systems include installation, start-up, and warranty support. www.oemgroupinc.com

Wake Lubking Senior Marketing Manager, OEM Group

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