Ten reasons why your business needs LED lighting

March 31, 2010
Date Announced: 31 Mar 2010 Energy efficiency, carbon emissions and cost cutting are the buzz words that have been dominating British business in recent years. With industry at its most competitive in a generation and the pace of economic recovery moving sluggishly at best, many businesses are under increasing pressure to battle against increasing energy costs and honour their carbon reduction commitments whilst struggling to remain financially viable at the same time, according to Greenled Light. “Businesses in the UK are increasingly switching to the idea of replacing their existing traditional compact fluorescent (CFL) and halogen lighting systems with the latest in LED sustainable lighting technology in a bid to save thousands of pounds each year in wasted energy costs and significantly reduce their carbon emissions,” commented James Millar, managing director of Greenled Light - one of the UK’s leading sustainable lighting specialists.“However, there still remains an element of scepticism among some business owners as to the benefits to be gained in switching from halogens and CFL’s to LEDs.”To counter any concerns, Greenled have produced a top ten list of major advantages that LED lighting can have on any businesses bottom line and carbon reduction targets:1. LEDs offer average savings of 60-70 per cent in energy costs2. LEDs last more than five times longer than their CFL alternatives – with a rated lifespan of 50,000 compared with 8,000 hours for traditional tubes and more than 25 times longer than halogens3. LED technology has come of age and it is now delivering the type of brightness, light output and energy savings required from all general white lighting4. Because of their overall low energy consumption, LEDs can help your business reduce your CO2 emissions by around 10 per cent each year5. The Carbon Trust’s new improved of zero-interest loan funding offer to equip business premises with energy and cost efficient lighting means a wide variety organisations now have easy access to capital for installing lighting for retrofit, refurb and new build projects 6. At 40 to 75 lm/W LED lights produce more light per watt than most incandescent and halogen bulbs7. Annual maintenance cost savings of between 70 and 90 per cent can be achieved with LED lights8. LEDs are extremely user-friendly, being almost wholly recyclable, dimmable and emitting no UV or IR rays 9. Unlike traditional toxic CFLs, LEDs do not contain mercury 10. Shock resistant: being made of glass, incandescent, halogen and traditional CFLs are very fragile whereas LEDs are made with solid state components that are incredibly durable and difficult to break.With more than 5,000 of the UK’s biggest businesses facing escalating energy costs of more than £55,000 this year and small firms losing as much as £1.3 billion a year as a consequence of inefficient energy control, LED lighting technology is fast becoming a prime consideration for organizations of any size which are determined to reduce their energy consumption while saving much needed funds. ENDSAbout GreenledGreenled provides high quality LED solutions for all types of projects including new builds, refurbishments or simple replacement programmes. Greenled guides customers through the process of integrating LED lighting from initial site assessment, consultancy & pilot schemes through to product recommendation, final installation and aftercare. As the recognized distributor of some of the leading brands in LED lighting, Greenled’s LED technology is in use by many of the UK’s leading businesses including household names and SMEs who are achieving remarkable energy, maintenance and carbon savings across their commercial properties having switched to Greenled. Find out more at www.greenled.co.uk.

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