Boutique DUE replaces 50 watt Halogen with CRS LED MR16

March 24, 2010
Date Announced: 24 Mar 2010 Boutique Due in Aalst (Belgium) is happy with the replacement of +50 heat generating Halogen bulbs. Company PAS-NGL replaced all Halogen 50 watt bulbs with PAS-NGL-CRS MR16. Customers and visitors didn't notice the change. Owner Kristine is very happy with the 88% reduction in energy cost. The boutique uses 4 aircos to dissipate all heat, which costed a lot of extra money. In a second phase 27 (300 watt)halogen floods will be replaced with 70 watt PAS-NGL-FL70A WW Compact floodlights.This replacement will also save 75% on energy cost. The initaial investment is paid back in 26 months. There will be a netto benefit of 24,000€ in 5 years. All used retrofit LED products are warrantied for a period of 5 years.UV-rays from older halogen will not be able to damage the displayed sensitive textiles anymore in boutique DUE.

PAS-NGL Next Generation LED Erwin Eeckhaut Bergemeersenstraat 137 9300 AALST, Belgium

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