Gosoled launches LED Spotlights Ⅲ realizing optical aesthetics value

March 16, 2010
Date Announced: 16 Mar 2010 Recently, China Gosoled Lighting(GS,www.gosoled.com) releases a new product----Led Spotlights Ⅲ and claims that its life span is 40 times longer than incandescent bulb. This type of Led belongs to SHINElights series. Moreover, the new product of this series has more obvious advantage than the old types, such as uniform light, non- flare and without dark space, especially without light leakage in the side and in the back of the light, so it takes advantage of the light well. Besides, the unique design for fast heat dissipation makes damping factor become less and heat dissipation of lamps is 2.5 times faster than renyx. Furthermore, this new product has integrated drive protection circuit and excellent components. All these advantages Led Spotlights Ⅲ has make it pass GS Test easily and guarantee reliability and long term usage of led lamp. It is expected that Led Spotlights Ⅲ will be sold in the second quarter of 2010 and that the monthly production will be 10,000. Led Spotlights Ⅲ still can be used in application apparatus of incandescent bulbs.Electric power consumption of Led Spotlights Ⅲ is just one eighth of that of incandescent bulbs, so the user of Led Spotlights Ⅲ can save eight times electricity fees than the user of incandescent bulbs. Led bulb is not new product, but it is not popular due to an important factor---its relatively high price. Nevertheless, Gosoled possesses a huge market share in household appliances market in China, which shows that SHINElight series will popularize LED lighting in China. Gosoled is doing market research and planning to promote SHINElingt series in US, Southeast Asia and Europe. It is said by Gosoled that if being used 5 hours per day, this Led Spotlights Ⅲ can be used for 20 years. That is to say, the life span of Led Spotlights Ⅲ is 40 times longer than incandescent bulb.As a leading professional company in Led lighting industry, Gosoled observes segment market and differentiation strategy keenly, aims to realize green energy-saving and innovates in led technology and drive circuit, which make Gosoled has more obvious advantages in diversity of their products, reliability of products and speed of delivery of goods. Gosoled realizes the concept---optical aesthetics value into innovative technology first which is better for meet the demands of Led lighting and supports their efforts to the development of led.For more information about Gosoled Lighting’s products visit www.gosoled.com

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