JSR launches materials series for high-brightness LEDs

March 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Mar 2010 JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) has announced plans to launch a new series of performance materials by the name of "LUMILON"(TM), materials for high-luminance LEDs. There are growing market needs for high-luminance LEDs, which are extensively being used in a variety of applications such as for in-car use, various lighting fixtures and displays, as components to reduce environmental impact. In order to respond to such market needs, JSR will extend its materials for high-luminance LEDs. The launch of "LUMILON"(TM) will include five series - the "LUMILON(TM) EN series" - an organic-inorganic hybrid sealing material used in packaging processes; the "LUMILON(TM) HR series" - a high-refractive coating material; the "LUMILON(TM) SC series" - an inorganic spin-on insulating material used in the fabrication processes of LED chips; the "LUMILON(TM) DE series" - which enables patterning with the exposure of same materials; and the "LUMILON(TM) LP series" - a photoresist material for the lift-off process used in electrode formation. On 20 November 2008, JSR announced the development and launch of a sealing material and high-refractive coating material, as LED-related performance materials. Moreover, JSR has expanded on the materials and technologies cultivated in its optical and information electronics materials businesses, as well as in its precision polymer synthesis technologies and materials. The newly-added product lines of process materials, enabling the cost reduction of LED chip fabrication processes, high-luminance LED chips, and insulating materials which contribute to enhanced durability, will equip JSR to respond to a wide variety of needs in LED fabrication processes. Sales of materials for these chip fabrication processes will begin in April. LUMILON(TM) EN series To enable high luminance and ruggedization of LEDs, sealing materials must have gas barrier properties, as well as be highly resistant to heat and light. To meet such needs, JSR, in enhancing its proprietary synthetic technologies of organic-inorganic hybrid materials, has produced a new line-up with improved heat and light resistance, while maintaining high gas barrier properties. Compared to existing products, the new series have greatly improved durability. In particular, the materials have a feature which prevents lowered luminance as a result of electrode corrosion, thus contributing to the advancement of LED durability, for a broadening area of applications such as backlights for large-screen LCDs, illuminations and in-car use. LUMILON(TM) HR series A coating material with over 95% light transmittance for wavelengths of 400nm-470nm and refractive index of 1.9-1.6 has been developed, thus expanding product lines applicable to a wide variety of LED packages. The application of this coating material has confirmed that luminescence brightness is improved by over 10%. This new technology will contribute to LED longevity and energy conservation, with expectations that it will lead to further and extensive applications of LED. LUMILON(TM) SC series and LUMILON(TM) DE series An inorganic spin-on insulating material based on polymer technologies. Transparent and highly resistant to heat and light, these materials can be used for a variety of applications in LED chip fabrication processes. The SC series with high resistance to heat and chemicals, enables use as spin-on hardmasks in etching and dicing processes, allowing a consistent film to be formed, when compared to conventional CVD processes. As a result, this will contribute to improved productivity and a drastic reduction of fabrication processes. In addition, the LUMILON(TM) DE series with photosensitive function means that excellent patterns can be created on the LED substrate, omitting the etching process and thus, significantly reducing manufacturing costs when compared to existing CVD processes. Moreover, improved performance of LED chips can be expected when using spin-on materials in lieu of the CVD process, displaying gap-filling capabilities of uneven substrate surfaces and good insulation properties. The material can be used for a wide range of applications such as electrode protection films, interlayer dielectric films and LED chip protective (overcoating) films, contributing to technologies capable of boosting yield and high luminance. LUMILON(TM) LP series An application of photoresist technologies for semiconductor manufacturing, this is a negative photoresist material for lift-off processes. While highly-adhesive to a wide variety of LED substrate materials, the LP series can be removed by NMP and DSMO-based removers - which have become industry standards, thus enabling the easy formation of a reverse-tapered shape (reverse conical shape). In addition, compared to conventional products which could not retain shape, this photoresist material is capable of tolerating temperatures of around 100 degrees C which are reached when vapor deposition of electrodes occurs. As part of JSR's next-generation business domain, LED has been positioned as a strategic business, as it is expected to grow significantly. JSR will strive to create new businesses to enhance its operating base and expand its business range in the areas of high-precision processing technologies and materials with competitive edge. JSR will continue to provide materials such as heat-transfer materials which transmit LED heat to heat sink materials, as well as display materials such as color pigmented photoresists used in the manufacture of large-sized, flat-screen LCD televisions, and small-to- medium-type LCD panels for use in mobile devices, which is an area expected to grow in terms of applications of high-luminance LEDs. JSR will contribute to the globally-spreading trend of reducing environmental impact, by offering these materials to supply chains extending from LED manufacture to its applications.


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