Lemnis Lighting submits LED lamps for Energy Star qualification

March 1, 2010
Date Announced: 01 Mar 2010 SAN FRANCISCO, CA –– Lemnis Lighting announced today at the Strategies in Light conference in Santa Clara, CA that it has started submitting the first products of a broad portfolio of LED replacements for incandescent and halogen light bulbs for ENERGY STAR® qualification as of August 2010. Lemnis Lighting, which specializes in energy efficient, LED-based lighting solutions and markets various LED retrofit lamps under its renowned Pharox brand name, has now submitted the LED replacements shown in the Table to be tested for eligibility under ENERGY STAR.Over the course of Q1 and Q2 2010, Lemnis Lighting will also introduce and submit several new products for ENERGY STAR®, including smaller retrofit products for residential applications.Lemnis Lighting has developed this range of LED products in response to the demand from the US government, utilities and retail chains to produce high quality and efficient LED products that perform up to the highest standards without compromising the quality of light. Over the coming period, the Lemnis Lighting products will be subjected to rigorous performance tests, including lifetime tests and stress tests under extreme conditions, to ensure that they live up to the high standard of ENERGY STAR® qualified products.“Lemnis Lighting has been a global front-runner in developing and bringing to the market high quality, warm white LED lamps as a genuine alternative to incandescents, halogens and CFLs. We are confident that our new generation of products will meet the criteria for ENERGY STAR® and can make a significant positive impact in achieving the goal of a more energy-efficient world,” said Lemnis Lighting CEO Remko Gaastra. “We have gladly accepted the challenge from the US government - driven by consumer need for assurance of quality, safety and reliability - to accelerate the introduction of reliable LED lamps into the US consumer and business markets and will continue to do so,” added Martijn Dekker, CTO. “Over the next quarters, more and more efficient and high quality products will be developed and launched by Lemnis Lighting into the US market.” About Lemnis Lighting:Lemnis Lighting B.V. is a frontrunner in the field of sustainable lighting solutions, based on LED technology. In November 2006, Lemnis introduced the first LED light bulb under the brand name Pharox that can realistically be viewed as an up-to-par replacement of the incandescent light bulb. The technology used also has other applications in outdoor, greenhouse and solar lighting. Lemnis Lighting has offices in the Netherlands, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Singapore. Lemnis Lighting B.V. is a Dutch company with limited liability, and is a subsidiary of Tendris Holding. Tendris Holding initiates, develops and invests in companies that focus on sustainable, market-oriented and environmentally friendly solutions.For further information, please visit www.lemnislighting.com.About ENERGY STAR®ENERGY STAR® is the most recognizable symbol of energy-efficient products in the United States. ENERGY STAR® is a joint program of the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that labels the most efficient new homes and other buildings and a wide range of residential and commercial products. ENERGY STAR qualified products use less energy, save money, and help protect the environment. To learn more about ENERGY STAR, visit www.energystar.gov. About ENERGY STAR® Program for Solid-State Lighting On September 30, 2008, the ENERGY STAR Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Program went into effect, and the first ENERGY STAR-labeled SSL products arrived on the market in November 2008. As a result, manufacturers who are ENERGY STAR partners can submit products for qualification, retailers can promote these qualified products in their stores and showrooms, utilities and energy efficiency organizations can implement incentive programs for these efficient products, and consumers can look for the ENERGY STAR label on quality SSL products. The ENERGY STAR label on SSL luminaires provides consumers with the confidence that these products meet efficiency and performance criteria established by DOE in collaboration with industry stakeholders.

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