D-LED Technologies unveils OptoSNAP customizing linear PCB and optic holder

March 15, 2010
Date Announced: 15 Mar 2010 D-LED Technologies has recently announced the launch of its new modular 20mm optic holders system “OptoSNAP”.OptoSNAP is a “snap-on” 20mm optic holder and easily attaches itself to an MCPCB / FR4 PCB. OptoSNAP is made out of small interlocking modules which allow the creation of various lengths and combinations. The system is made of 3 parts:1. Optic Holder2. Rim cover3. Closed cover D-LED says this system is the most flexible and versatile of its kind with the additional value of offering a finished look for Standard fixtures and Custom requests alike.Mr. Yoav Bar, marketing manager, said “We are constantly receiving requests for custom designs: Reduced density configurations, or customized groupings for show or stage effects, architectural venues and other applications. As a company which prides itself on its customization capabilities, it’s a key benefit which allows us not only to adjust to different LED arrangements, but also maintain a pristine looking product in the end.”The optic holder offers:1. Easy and quick assembly 2. Modularity and flexibility3. Glue Free 4. Perfect alignment of the optics to the LEDs 5. Assembly is made away from the LED chip and optics thus reducing assembly mishapsD-LED Technologies offers a wide range of PCBs in 1/3/4/6 channels and manufactures linear modules, wall washer and MR16 PCBs. The linear modules are they first ones to receive this innovative addition. There are 2 versions perfected till today, the 3 channel and the 4 channel models which fit most linear PCBs the company makes.D-LED offers its PCB range (light packets) to companies which use them in their own production lines, and now with this new product opens new design possibilities and creativity.

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