Reflex Flashlights unveils Reflex1, the world's first auto dimming flashlight

March 2, 2010
Date Announced: 02 Mar 2010 -- Never have glare blind you againReflex Flashlights is proud to release the Reflex1, the world's first auto dimming flashlight. This technology solves the problem of flashlight glare while also saving your thumb from carpal tunnel.Today's high power LED flashlights can produce immense amounts of light, however when shined on an object that is close the reflected light causes almost painful amounts of glare. Reflex Flashlights has solved this problem with its intelligent dimming Reflex Technology. This technology senses when too much glare is present and immediately reduces the flashlight's brightness. Without any effect to the user, the flashlight is always checking the glare level. When it looks like the flashlight's brightness needs to be increased it brightens back up just as fast as it dimmed down. There are 24 different brightness levels that the flashlight can select from. The modes are switched far faster than any button clicking traditional flashlights would allow.The best part is that no action is required from the user. The whole process happens both quickly and automatically making this flashlight extremely intuitive to use. A video is available at that shows the technology in action.The Reflex1 emits over 250 lumens out the front in its highest setting, which makes this new feature all the more useful. The machining and the assembly are done in the USA. O-ring seals are used to ensure a watertight fit. The Reflex1 is powered by two CR123A, one 18650, or two RCR123A batteries. For additional information please contact [email protected].

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