Kingsun LED street light payback calculator

March 29, 2010
Date Announced: 29 Mar 2010 As you know, the LED Street Light had become more and more popular, but the people always have some argue on the life time and the payback period. On the last post, I have showing the detailed information about the lifetime. Now, I will give you some idea on how to calculate the Payback Period of the LED Street Light.First of all, you can calculate the enerfy saving part. The LED Street Light can saving at least 50% energy then the HPS Light. Then, you can using this Saving Part multiply by the Enerygy Rate to get how much money LED Street Light can saving per year.Secondly, you can calculate the enviroment part. You can use the Annual Energy Saving Part multiply 1.64. Then, you can get the Annual Carbon Dioxide Savings datas.Thirdly, you can calculate the maintanance part which is very important. First of all, you need to know the local maintanance fund localy, like the labor cost and the truck cost Etc. Then, you need to know the warranty of the LED Street Light. Base on that, you can calculate the replacement period. After that, we using 2 years as the lifetime of the HPS Light. So, you can get the result of the Maintanance part saving.Forthly, you need to calculate the invest part of the project. BTW, do not forget to put on the new installation fund to the LED Street Light.Finally, you can using the invest part divided by the maintanance part and the energy dollars saved annually to get the payback period of the LED Street Light.If you want to get the calculator, pls contact me, and I will send you the Excel format.Related Link:

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