Novaled will introduce ultraflat OLED luminaires at Light+Building

March 26, 2010
Date Announced: 26 Mar 2010 Novaled AG - a pioneer in the field of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technologies for lighting and display applications - will be exhibiting OLEDs and OLED applications at the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt. At the 2010 Light + Building in Frankfurt, Novaled will be introducing its innovative long life organic LEDs. These new area light sources not only deliver unique design possibilities, but also enable completely new lighting applications by emitting light from a surface.OLED light is perceived as being very natural due to the broad emission spectra of the organic materials. In addition, Novaled OLEDs provide a very high quality light with a CRI of up to 95. A range of OLED lighting from warm white to clear cold white will be exhibited. Furthermore, colours such as deep orange, rich red and intense blue will be shown. Colour tunable OLEDs which cover a broad span of colours from light blue through clear white and all the way to orange will also be introduced.The OLED devices which are manufactured on glass and metal substrates, are extremely thin, lightweight and come in various sizes from 25 cm2 up to 225 cm2 active area. Depending on the substrate material and device structure chosen, OLEDs can be transparent, have a diffuse appearance or behave like a mirror in the off state.“We are at the forefront of a lighting revolution” states Gildas Sorin, CEO of Novaled AG. “OLEDs are like providing a new set of tones to composers, enabling them to create a breathtaking new world of music. Novaled is eagerly anticipating the exciting future of light and encourages the lighting industry to not only use but also experiment further with OLEDs”Together with its different partners, the company will also introduce a variety of futuristic OLED luminaires, artistic light sculptures and signage at its booth to clearly emphasize the immense potential of this new area light source. Visitors will be welcome to experience the beauty of OLED lighting and understand the creative potential of OLED lighting design at the Novaled booth, which can be found in Hall 4.1, J51.about OLEDsOLEDs (organic light-emitting diode) are semiconductors that are made of thin organic material layers that measure just a few nanometers in thickness. They emit light in a diffuse way to form an area light source. This disruptive technology represents an entirely new approach for architects, designers, system integrators, planners and luminaire makers when working with light. OLED lighting has a dual nature, which means it can function both as a lamp and a luminaire. OLEDs herald the future of a vast array of completely new lighting applications and by combining color with shape, OLEDs will create a new way of decorating and personalizing surroundings with light. Furthermore, organic LEDs will make a significant contribution to sustainability due to their energy efficiency, environmentally friendly materials and reduced packaging requirements.about NovaledNovaled AG is a world leader in the OLED field and specializes in high efficiency long lifetime OLED structures and is an expert in organic electronics. The company is known for its Novaled PIN OLED® technology, its proprietary OLED materials and the customized OLED products and services. Novaled has developed long term partnerships with major OLED producers throughout the world. Based on more than 400 patents granted or pending, Novaled has a strong IP position in the field of OLED technology, and was named No. 1 in a list of ‘up and coming’ world market leaders by the German newspapers Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche. Its main investors include eCAPITAL, Crédit Agricole Private Equity, TechnoStart, TechFund and CDC Innovation. For further details please visit

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