Gosoled announces takeover of LED driver manufacturer AD Power

March 9, 2010
Date Announced: 09 Mar 2010 Gosoled Lighting (GS, www.gosoled.com) announced that it has purchased its own AD Power has not yet remaining minority stock,the business financial terms were not disclosed. Gosoled think that the AD power is LED Driver designed for one of the pioneers in china, the full takeover of this growth LED business lighting have significant promotation role, AD Power company was established in 2004 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has become China's LED Driver Solutions specializes in the design and manufacture, its design products are used in China's “Bird's Nest” stadium, Shenzhen Overseas China Town and Shanghai Junyue Hotel, and many other buildings lighting LED Driver supply.The company has 60 employees, in 2009 showed double-digit sales growth and good profitability. This performance is expected to facilitate AD Power company continues to The company has about 60 employees, it is amount of sales showed double-dight growth in 2009 and good profitability. This performance is expected to promote AD Power company continues to go ahead, at the same time, AD Power except for continue to use the original AD brand and product series, will also make full use of Gosoled distribution channels and management continue to innovate, the general manager of AD Power Technology's company Thomas said, "Since the AD Power company is found, our strategy is to provide the most advanced lighting manufacturers drive solutions," "cooperation and be able to interface with the Gosoled its advanced lighting products, to further enrich and upgrade our product applications, and expanded our LED lighting solutions in important markets. "When the both parties business on Feb. 25, 2010 after the completion, AD Power will become the Gosoled lighting applications LED drive a wholly-owned subsidiary companies and suppliers, the CEO of Gosoled lighting Jekay, said, "AD Power since its inception in 2004, have a leading team of designers led Driver, for the fast-growing, high-end market for LED lighting solutions for teaching and innovative Driver Experience, we will cultivate their innovation and quality control processes, in order to further improve our product applications the ability, to provide a more unique LED Driver solution.Gosoled general purchase AD Power is based on strategic considerations, this business is an LED lighting and LED Driver applications composition, and in line with Gosoled reduce energy consumption and climate impact of strategies.For more information about Gosoled Lighting’s visit www.gosoled.com

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