FlipChip International introduces EliteFC wafer bumping

Feb. 9, 2006
Date Announced: 09 Feb 2006 PHOENIX - FlipChip International today announced the introduction and successful qualification of its new EliteFC(TM) wafer bumping technology designed for packaging of high temperature power devices including power regulators, voltage regulators and high bright LED solid-state lighting. The EliteFC(TM) product line is specifically designed for bumping applications that require the combination of high thermal performance, ultra fine pitch packaging, quick time to market, low bumping costs, and long-term reliability. This technology, which was developed at FlipChip International, combines an advanced thick film under-bump-metallization (UBM) with FCI's unique low void lead-free solder paste technology.The EliteFC(TM) product line is designed for high volume applications and FlipChip International offers high volume plating capabilities in its Phoenix bumping facility. This technology offers FlipChip International's customers a lower cost alternative to its thin film sputtered metallization and is complimentary to its diverse solder bumping technologies and wafer level packaging solutions. EliteFC(TM) is RoHS compliant, is available in a variety of lead free metallurgies, and is capable of 70 micron pitch packaging geometries.Ted Tessier, Sr. VP Engineering of FlipChip International, said, "The launch of EliteFC(TM) significantly broadens our flip chip product portfolio to capture cost-critical and industrial flip chip applications including solid-state LED and power devices. The simplicity of EliteFC(TM) will allow the technology to be rapidly replicated on a global scale to support the ultra-high volumes required to support such applications."FlipChip International, LLC is a privately-held supplier of products and services for the wafer bumping and wafer scale packaging semiconductor market. Flip Chip International, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of RoseStreet Labs LLC, a supplier of products and services for wireless infrastructure in the life science, renewable energy and homeland security markets.

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