Steerable LED array for adaptive headlight systems

May 15, 2006
Date Announced: 15 May 2006 UK Lighting Designer, Richard Knight, was working on a system for controlling stage lighting using multiple LED sources when he realised that it had a much broader application in steerable (adaptive) automotive headlights.His patented system, which is now available for license and manufacture, has the ability to control the beam shape and size of a headlight constructed of multiple LEDs as well as positioning that beam. It does all this with a very simple mechanical system.A series of LEDs are arranged in groups mounted in 'eyeball' supports allowing movement in all directions. These 'eyeballs' are controlled by moving two parallel plates with shaped cam slots. The cam profiles are simple to configure to produce any response desired in the composite output beam. Overall control then comes down to one or two very simple movements which can come from motors or other actuators. A single system can provide main beam/dip control of headlights as well as beam steering around corners and beam angle adjustment with speed.The system is modular and flexible in concept and can be scaled up or down to provide different numbers of LED emitters. Although the illustration above shows a circular array, arrays of any shape or size can be created to suit the styling of the car. Rectangular arrays in particular may suit many current automobile designs.Full information including a video of the system in operation is available on the website.

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