Opto Technology adds 365 nm UV LED array to its Shark series

May 26, 2006
Date Announced: 26 May 2006 WHEELING, IL- Opto Technology, Inc. is pleased to introduce a 365 nm UV LED array as the newest member of the Shark product line. Using 50 die in a TO-66 package it achieves 150 mW of optical power. The UV LED array is ideal for applications that include fluorescence excitation or absorption, document validation, UV curing of acrylates used in: adhesives, polymers and ink curing applications.The OTLH-0480-UV has a peak wavelength at 365 nm with a radiant flux of 150 mW when driven at a maximum peak current of 300mA. The UV Shark package offers a standard half max viewing angle of + 54 degrees. Collimating optics and custom lenses are available. The emitters are priced at $133.67 each in quantities of 100.Opto Technology Inc. also offers a standard 375 nm, 395 nm UV Shark and 405 nm is available as prototypes. For complete information on the new UV LED Shark arrays, contact Opto Technology, Inc., 160 E. Marquardt Drive, Wheeling, IL. Phone: 847/537-4277 Fax: 847/537-4785.About Opto Technology, Inc.Opto Technology, Inc. is an Opto-electronic company specializing in design of innovative LED-based lighting solutions. Our expertise is in Luxeon™ and chip-on-board LED integration utilizing optics, photo detectors, filters, custom packaging, thermal management, and supporting electronics. Founded in 1973, and headquartered in Wheeling Illinois, Opto Technology Inc. is a front-runner in developing LED solutions for Color Measurement Equipment, UV Curing Applications, Medical & Bio-Medical Diagnostic Instruments, Marine, Airfield, and Illumination marketplaces.

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