LED helmet light for firefighters generates smoke-cutting beam

April 26, 2006
Date Announced: 26 Apr 2006 POWAY, CALIFORNIA – The new UK4AA eLED Fire Light – a high-tech eLED helmet light built especially for firefighters – is being introduced today by UK International, also known as Underwater Kinetics, a leading manufacturer of high-performance portable lighting, equipment cases, and accessories.The UK4AA eLED Fire Light is designed for firefighters who prefer a positive waterproof, twist and turn on/off bezel rather than a push-button, thumb-switch light. Unlike most lights, the UK4AA eLED Fire Light utilizes the company’s patent-pending Projection Optical System, which generates a narrow smoke-cutting beam. This ensures there are no whiteouts, flarebacks, or reflective sidelights – a critical benefit in smoke-filled environments. “The UK4AA eLED Fire Light is the ideal helmet light for firefighters: it is small, has a bright light, has no switch to fail, and has an LED that practically never burns out,” said Walter Kaihatu, president of UK International. “Continuing in the tradition of UK’s 4AA, the world’s best-selling helmet light, the UK4AA eLED Fire Light is a significant breakthrough that will meet the needs of the most demanding firefighters.”With its high-intensity LED, the UK4AA eLED Fire Light projects a long-lasting, even, super-bright beam ideal for most all-environment fire and emergency applications. Half the size and weight of bulky 3C LED lights, the UK4AA eLED Fire Light has a life 100 times longer than conventional xenon bulbs and is brighter than a cluster of seven LEDs.By using UK’s exclusive Projection Optical System, a technological breakthrough, the UK4AA eLED Fire Light emits 2.5 times as many lumens as earlier LED lights and has a maximum center beam brightness of 40 lumens. The Projection Optical System uses a dual lens bezel instead of reflectors, and employs the latest advances, producing an incredibly smooth and distortion-free beam of light that closely mimics daylight. The twin-element Projection Optical System creates a tight 13-degree smoke-cutting beam for good close-up viewing and smooth, even illumination. Projection Optics, simply put, is a revolutionary technology heralding a new era in flashlight design.The UK4AA eLED Fire Light boasts five key benefits:1. Consistent Quality of Light: Unlike xenon lights, which immediately start to lose their brightness, the UK4AA eLED Fire Light provides a consistent level of brightness for five hours of prime burn time with effective light for many hours later. The light incorporates uniquely sophisticated electronic circuitry far superior to any other light in its category.2. Durable: The UK4AA eLED Fire Light is nearly indestructible: it resists breakage when dropped, is waterproof up to ten feet, and is electrically non-conductive. It also comes with a protective rubber bezel cover to reduce glare, a positive waterproof, twist on/off bezel, and an ultra-high-impact ABS plastic casing that will not dent or corrode.3. Versatile: This fully accessorized fire light can be mounted on a helmet for hands-free lighting, carried in a turnout pocket, or used to direct traffic. It also is an excellent safety backup and close-up light.4. Flexible: UK is also offering the new fireman-designed metal Rylee helmet clip with the UK4AA eLED Fire Light, making it the ultimate fire helmet light for first responder calls and structural firefighting situations.5. Safe: The UK4AA eLED Fire Light includes a battery gas overpressure vent and hydrogen scrubber catalyst, which minimizes the chances of explosions caused by hydrogen gas accumulation.Although the initial cost of any LED product may exceed that of its incandescent competitors, the fact the bulb never needs changing, has a longer burn time than other flashlights, and provides greater lumens makes the product less expensive over the long term. The UK4AA eLED Fire Light uses four AA alkaline cells and provides 40 lumens maximum of power.“The UK4AA eLED Fire Light is an innovative, cost-effective product providing professionals with a quality flashlight of unparalleled versatility and durability,” noted Paul Putas, national sales manager of UK International’s industrial division. “Since 90 percent of firefighter responses are for car accidents and other similar first-responder incidents, the UK4AA eLED Fire Light along with a Rylee helmet clip is ideal.”The UK4AA eLED Fire Light can be purchased through authorized UK dealers. For more information, visit the UK website at http://www.ukinternational.com or contact UK directly for the nearest sales representative at 800-327-7388 or [email protected] UK InternationalUK International designs and manufactures flashlights, waterproof cases, and other accessories for the fire, first response, government, utility, industrial, and dive and sport industries’ most demanding applications. UK International is located in Poway, CA and has more than 30 years of experience in the development of these products. For more information, visit the UK website http://www.ukinternational.com.

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