LEDStorm Lighting launches revolutionary new 700mA and 1000mA RGB DMX drivers

Date Announced: 12 Apr 2006

LEDStorm UK Based LED OEM and solutions provider launches their latest products at Frankfurt 2006.

In particular we shall be showing our latest line of DMX drivers geared up for the latest Chips and Trends.
The New RGB DMX Drivers are capable of running x36 3w Luxeon LEDs at 700mA constant current, and x36 K2 Luxeons LEDs at 1000mA. We believe we offer the market the most comprehensive range of LED Drivers, especially within Colour changing applications utilising DMX protocol.

The Drivers were developed with the advent of the New LumiLEDs K2 LED becoming more in demand and prevelant in new luminaires. We see these Drivers as cutting edge utilising the latest technology with the following features:

700mA - upto 36 LEDs Luxeon III
1000mA - upto 36 LEDs Luxeon K2
Constant Current for prolonged life of LEDs
LCD Screen for Adressing and standard programme selection
Universal input range utilising efficient Switch mode PSU
Flicker free applications are welcome as standard we operate at 250mhz refresh rate
Serial input connection to update firmware and software modes
UK manufacturing assuring of highest quality
+ Many more benefits

To fully appreciate these drivers potential please come and see them working for yourself @ Hall 4.2 Stand H39.



Web Site:http://www.ledstorm.co.uk

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