American Opto Plus introduces world's first non-phosphor white LED

July 13, 2006
Date Announced: 13 Jul 2006 Using Patented Yellow-Blue layer-build structure on a single chip Technology, the True White LED is presented as the first single-emitter device of its type to create a wide-spectrum white output without the use of a phosphor. In addition to creating a light with a broader spectral bandwidth, by eliminating the phosphor the white-emitting device has an operating lifetime that is extended up to 100,000 hours.Available in 3mm, 5mm, Super Flux, and SMD packages, the 5-mm device has a typical output of 15,000 mcd with a 15° viewing angle. Advantage:1. Reliability better than Blue LED + Phosphor2. Uniformity color3. Mark easyDisadvantage:1. Color Rendering poor Ra=30(Normal=70)2. Drive current change color shift is BigContact American Opto Plus today for more details.Product link:

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