Avago introduces color controller with integrated RGB photosensor

July 3, 2006
Date Announced: 03 Jul 2006 -- First Color Controller with Integrated RGB Photosensor for LCD Backlighting-- Tiny Device from Avago Technologies Offers More Color Management Flexibility and Richer ColorsAvago Technologies, the world's largest privately held semiconductor company, has announced the industry's first color controller with an integrated color photosensor for backlighting liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for a variety of portable display devices. Avago's new ADJD-J823 enables more accurate and consistent RGB LED backlighting, and richer colors than conventional technology. This solution is ideal for use in digital cameras, cell phones, PDAs, portable DVD players and display screens measuring 7 inches diagonal or smaller.The device has a small footprint and low profile that allows it to easily fit into portable LCD devices where board space is limited. The 5 mm by 5 mm by 0.75 mm integrated color management (ICM) device operates at voltages as low as 2.5 V. "Avago is the only company that provides a complete off-the-shelf color management solution for LCD backlighting, combining RGB sensors, color controllers and high-brightness LEDs," said Lee Soo Ghee, vice president and general manager for Avago Technologies' Optoelectronic Products Division. "By integrating the sensor and controller into one package, we are expanding the benefits of color management to the growing array of applications using color LCD screens in smaller consumer electronics."In LCD TVs, the use of LED backlighting with Avago's award-winning illumination and color management (ICM) control has been proven to offer 25 percent richer colors than conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlighting. In addition, LED backlighting totally eliminates the traces of mercury found in CCFLs to meet European Union reduction of hazardous substances (RoHS) mandates.FeaturesThe ADJD-J823 is a CMOS mixed-signal IC with integrated RGB photosensors designed to be the closed loop optical feedback device of an RGB LED-based backlighting system. This device also has a wide gain control and uses an algorithm to automatically select the optimum gain. A typical system consists of an array of red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs, LED drivers and the ADJD-J823. The device samples the light output from the RGB LED array, processes the color information and adjusts the light output from the RGB LEDs until the target color is achieved. To do this, the device integrates an RGB photosensor array, an analog-to-digital converter front-end, a color data processing logic core and a high-resolution 12-bit pulse-width modulation (PWM) output generator. By employing a feedback system and the ADJD-J823, the light output produced by the LED array maintains its color over time and temperature.AvailabilitySamples and production quantities are available now through Avago's direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners.Avago LED and Display SolutionsAvago Technologies is one of the largest producers of visible LEDs in the world and ships billions of products annually. Known for its LEDs' performance, efficiency and reliability, Avago offers an extensive portfolio of products at globally competitive prices. These LEDs and displays are offered in an array of color, package and viewing options that address a wide range of applications, including automotive, industrial, electronic signs and signals, consumer electronics, and mobile phones. Key products include power LEDs, surface-mount LEDs, LED flash, through-hole lamps, seven segment displays, dot matrix displays, alphanumeric displays, light bar and bar graph arrays, color sensors and illumination and color management IC solutions. More information is available at www.avagotech.com/led.About Avago TechnologiesAvago Technologies is the world's largest privately held independent semiconductor company, with 6,500 employees and net revenue of $1.8 billion in fiscal 2005. Avago provides an extensive range of analog, mixed-signal and optoelectronic components and subsystems to more than 40,000 customers worldwide. The company serves three primary product categories comprising optoelectronics, RF/microwave components and enterprise ASICs, and is recognized for providing innovative, high-quality products along with strong customer service and the industry's best on-time delivery. Avago's heritage of technical innovation dates back 40 years to its Agilent/Hewlett-Packard roots. Information about Avago is available on the Web at www.avagotech.com.

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