Avago introduces first blue smart dot-matrix LED displays

July 25, 2006
Date Announced: 25 Jul 2006 Avago Technologies Introduces Industry’s First Blue Smart Dot-Matrix LED Displays for Consumer, Industrial and Communications DevicesEasy-to-Read Display Characters Enhance Appearance of Gaming Machines, Networking Devices, Office Machines, and Industrial EquipmentSAN JOSE, Calif. - Avago Technologies, the world’s largest privately held semiconductor company, today expanded its line of smart dot-matrix 5 by 7 LED alphanumeric displays to include the industry’s first smart displays with ‘eye catching’ blue characters in a thin rectangular 8-character package. Avago’s HCMS-2919 and HCMS-2976 LED displays are about the width of a AAA battery and ideal for those designers looking to enhance the appearance of their products with blue display characters that are easy to see in all lighting conditions.The HCMS-2919 and HCMS-2976 displays are driven by on-board low-power complementary metal oxide silicon (CMOS) ICs, and can be directly interfaced with a microprocessor, thus eliminating the need for cumbersome interface components. These displays, which help to reduce design costs and are easy to use, can be used in a wide variety of consumer, industrial and communications applications. Some of these applications include remote battery-powered instruments, copy machines, printers, gaming machines, routers, audio/video applications, and test and measurement equipment. “This latest addition to our family of smart dot-matrix LED products is available in eight character packages which can be stacked vertically and horizontally for displays requiring higher character counts,” said Cheng Kai Chong, worldwide marketing manager for Avago Technologies' Optoelectronic Products Division. “Since we are the first supplier of blue smart displays, we can leverage our expertise in this area by providing our customers with customized application support.”Features- Gallium nitride (GaN) blue (460 nm dominant wavelength) smart displays - Transistor-transistor logic (TTL)-compatible serial interface allows higher character count information displays with a minimum of data lines - 5 by 7 pixel format can display upper and lower case Roman letters, Katakana, and a wide range of user-defined characters - Daylight viewable - Typical brightness: 170 microcandela (ucd) per character (all pixels illuminated) - Easy-to-implement brightness control and operation over the extended –40 C to +85 C temperature range - Eight character packages are sturdy and wave-solderable for low-cost automated assembly In addition to the new GaN blue smart displays, Avago also offers HCMS-29xx displays in the following configurations: 1 by 4, 0.15-inch character 1 by 8, 0.15-inch character 2 by 8, 0.15-inch character 1 by 4, 0.20-inch character 1 by 8, 0.20-inch character versions in AlGaAs red (637 nm), high-efficiency red (627 nm), orange (602 nm), yellow (585 nm) and green (574 nm) All versions use the same ASIC and have the same package dimensions and pin configurations, making it simple to upgrade to a blue display. U.S. Pricing and AvailabilityAvago’s HCMS-2919, 0.15-inch character height blue smart display is priced at $56.89, and the HCMS-2976, 0.20-inch character height smart display at $59.53, both in 10,000-piece quantities. Samples and production quantities are available now through Avago’s direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partnersAvago LED and Display SolutionsAvago Technologies is one of the largest producers of visible LEDs in the world and ships billions of products annually. Known for its LEDs’ performance, efficiency and reliability, Avago offers an extensive portfolio of products at globally competitive prices. These LEDs and displays are offered in an array of color, package and viewing options that address a wide range of applications, including automotive, industrial, electronic signs and signals, consumer electronics, and mobile phones. Key products include power LEDs, surface-mount LEDs, LED flash, through-hole lamps, seven segment displays, dot matrix displays, alphanumeric displays, light bar and bar graph arrays, color sensors and illumination and color management IC solutions. More information is available at www.avagotech.com/led.About Avago TechnologiesAvago Technologies is the world’s largest privately held semiconductor company, with approximately 6,500 employees worldwide. Avago provides an extensive range of analog, mixed-signal and optoelectronic components and subsystems to more than 40,000 customers. The company's products serve four end markets: industrial and automotive, wired infrastructure, wireless communications, and computer peripherals. It is recognized for providing innovative, high-quality products along with strong customer service and the industry’s best on-time delivery. Avago’s heritage of technical innovation dates back 40 years to its Agilent/Hewlett-Packard roots. Information about Avago is available on the Web at www.avagotech.com.

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