Zetex high-power mini LED driver is easy to use

July 6, 2006
Date Announced: 06 Jul 2006 Requiring a single external resistor to very accurately set its output current, the ZXLD1350 from Zetex Semiconductors dramatically simplifies high power LED driving. Operating from an input supply of between 7V and 30V, the driver can produce an adjustable output current of up to 350mA, to support an LED chain of up to eight 1 Watt LEDs.Its use of the 2.9mm x 2.8mm footprint TSOT23 5-pin package and its high level of component integration means this switching regulator will fit even the most space-starved application. By integrating a 30V NDMOS switch, and a high-side current sensing circuit yielding a +/-4% precision current control, the ZXLD1350 needs the support of a total of just four external circuit components.Depending on the type and value of the external components used, the LED driver can achieve efficiency as high as 95%. This combined with its very low typical shutdown current of only 15µA, ensures the device offers good power economy and extended battery life.With an operating temperature range from –40ºC to +105ºC the ZXLD1350 can also tolerate temperatures more than 20% higher than alternative solutions. In addition, its ability to support a continuous supply voltage of 30V and surge voltages of 40V makes its suitable for even the most demanding industrial and automotive applications.Where LED lighting applications require dimming and more complex control attributes, the ZXLD1350 also offers designers a wealth of alternative control strategies. The device’s multi-function control pin provides the ability to finely regulate the output current by applying either a DC voltage or a PWM waveform – the PWM filter components are on-chip.By adding a capacitor between the control pin and ground, the LED driver’s inherent soft-start time can be extended, and the application of a logic low signal to the pin enables the device output to be turned off.The price of the ZXLD1350 LED driver is $0.74 USD in 1,000 piece quantities.

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